I have been saying it for a while..

and now the first shoots of evidence are begining to poke through.

Football is as doomed as epilectic octupus at a gelignite juggling jamboree!

Recently we had the Quakers, (Darlington) go into administration. They had a last minute reprieve courtesy of a 50k bung from fans and local busnisses but they are surely on their way.

Now one half of the Weegies are being advised to seek refuge from it’s creditors.

Just like the banks, these self absorbed ‘sportsmen’ have been riding the wave of their own ridiculous publicity.

The credit crunch however and the need of the match-goer to decide between feeding his kids or watching every home game has begun to bite. These two clubs I mention are the start of it, now watch the others start to whine. When SKY stop bunging the exhorbitant TV fees their way because the only people who can afford a SkySports subscription are dole wallers. When no-one can afford £800 plus for a season ticket. They are going to be faced with little option other than cut the wages bill. Let’s see how the Suarez’s take to that bitter li’l pill. I’ll bet he’ll be a smidge more upset than he was because “that nasty man on the other team called me a rude name boo hoo sniff sob”.

It seems they are about to get a very succinct lesson in ‘It’s only a game.’ And I for one have booked a ringside seat for the entire sordid spectacle, beers in the fridge, nibbles, the works. I can’t wait.

What is next I wonder? The fans being asked to make charitable donations because the midfielder cannot afford to insure the Aston and the Ferrari this month. Thing is, many of the deluded fools would do exactly that.

Why should they be afforded protection from their creditors? They incurred the debt, they have assets, why can’t they pay what they owe?

10 thoughts on “I have been saying it for a while..”

  1. And here’s the real belter.

    IF they are granted protection, the league will give them a 10 point penalty in the fixtures!!!!!

    Forget the fact that you are running a t a loss and on the verge of total and utter destruction, 10 points man thats harsh.

  2. Oh Furry One, since I know absolutely nothing about this subject, I will wisely agree with you. 🙂

    Hope you and Beloved are having a Happy Valentine’s Day.

  3. Yup Minty MBE,

    Today is my Dads 85th birthday so we had to deal with that first.

    Duty done, we are relaxing in front of the one eyed monster after a nice dinner and some good hooch. Bliss.

    I refuse to learn a darned thing about soccer. It is the greatest con trick since Aristotle said “Pick a card, any card.”

  4. Furry, the opium of the people comes at a price. Maybe it will all improve when the Murdochs get kicked off the Sky board.

  5. I have just noticed that the little snotbag in the picture is from The Netherlands. And there I was thinking he was English. Well, that is a relief. Mind you, I do like the Dutch.

  6. Ferret I agree with you entirely. A couple of weeks ago there was a programme on the box about policing football games with the council where Millwall reside demanding that Millwall start paying for policing outside the stadium as it costs local rate payers £400k per game. They say that if they can pay players £100k per game then cut their salary. I agree.

  7. It now seems Rangers have been sold for £1. The new owner apparently, did not buy the debts of the ‘old’ business which will of course declare itself bankrupt and therefore avoid the payment of their hefty tax bill.
    How is this legal?
    How many other companies in the UK choose to pay their staff through an offshore account and thereby claim to be exempt from PAYE?

  8. Ferret, yes, it’s a mystery which only JM can elucidate. So the new owner now has the ‘assets’ for a quid but not the ‘liabilities’. Search me.

  9. “What is next I wonder? The fans being asked to make charitable donations because the midfielder cannot afford to insure the Aston and the Ferrari this month. Thing is, many of the deluded fools would do exactly that.”

    I was of course being fascetious when I wrote this, or so I assumed because the possibility of such a thing ever happening is beyond absurd. Then I read todays news.


    These morons will buy these shares at £100 notes a pop just to keep Malcolm the midfielder in the hairstyles to which he has become accustomed?

    Grow up you idiots. Allow the whole stinking den of thieves to crash in on themselves and lets get back to watching real sport. Sunday afternoon, local football where the game is honest for example.

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