Same Topic (Politics) – Different Venue (Oz)

In case no-one knows, today Oz is going to the Polls. It’s a bit different from the UK.

Polling Day is always a Saturday, the polls open at 8.00 am and shut at 6.00 pm and voting is compulsory – fines apply for not voting – and every polling station has a sausage sizzle (no fines apply for not buying or eating the same). Continue reading “Same Topic (Politics) – Different Venue (Oz)”

Anyone for Win 10?

Both Bearsy and I registered for the upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10 on our machines. We were warned that the upgrade might take some time – but both of my Win 8.1 computers and one of Bearsy’s were upgraded on the 29th July with no apparent problems, although I, for one, couldn’t see what all the who-ha was about.

I don’t actually see that there is much difference – but Bearsy was somewhat saddened by the loss of the Charm thingamy wotsit. To be honest, I wasn’t too sad since the darn thing kept popping up when I didn’t want it.

Having got my two main machines sorted, I decided to upgrade my Sony Win 7 laptop. It proved extremely useful when a visitor came earlier this year and demanded the loan of a laptop while she was here (that’s another not very happy story!). So I upgraded – and I couldn’t log into my Microsoft Account, and I couldn’t add other users – which negated the whole purpose of keeping the thing in action.

In the meantime, Bearsy didn’t wait for the upgrade on his second machine – but downloaded it – again with no problems.

Yesterday, I decided to take the step of putting a clean install on my Sony – Readers Beware! Having wiped Win 7 and everything off my lap-top I got an error message of “Inaccessible Boot Device”. It would seem that I am not alone, and a fair few other upgraders have had their computers rendered useless.

I am stunned, I know Microsoft are renowned for releasing programs with bugs – but this is not just a bug it’s a super-fatal-bug…

Incidentally, I mentioned above ‘no apparent problems’. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3… made, built and sold (I assumed) by Microsoft. I love it! But, the Pen no longer works properly under Win 10. It is, so I’m told, an ‘known’ problem. For Heavens Sake – if Microsoft cannot even ensure that its own products work properly after an upgrade of this kind – how many other ‘known’ issues are there?

Election Blues

I know that those in the UK will be aware that Australia held an election on the 7th of September this year. I was in the UK at the time, having already done my civic (and compulsory) duty and voted before I left. I was quite surprised how much coverage the election got on UK news.

I’ve always thought that the system here is preferable to the ‘first-past-the-post’ system of the UK, with some reservations, Continue reading “Election Blues”