Bucket List!

Tomorrow I set off to India for three weeks.

Visiting India has been on my ‘Bucket List’ since long before the term was invented…

… and I fully intend to visit as many other places as I can while the knees, back and other bits and pieces allow me to do so.

I know that ‘flying’ can be stressful – and have had some pretty awful journeys. But I’ve never lost the wonder of the ‘magic carpet’ that takes me so swiftly from here to there.

This time I am travelling with my daughter. Fortunately, we have fairly common interests: wine & food being the least important!

We are both going with half-empty suitcases so that we can buy fabric. Any help with what we can reasonably expect to pay would be much appreciated…

See you when I get back…


6 thoughts on “Bucket List!”

  1. I’ve been to a few restaurants that were pricey but haven’t visited the country so can’t help with the monetary query. Can only add- enjoy the cricket. 😄

  2. Hi Boadicea. My other half has been to India twice, mostly on account of the fabrics. That is her business and has been for many years. She was absolutely blown away by the quality, variety and very low cost. I rather got the impression it was a case of think of a price, halve it and then halve it again, though I could be wrong. She is out of the country at the moment, so I cannot ask exactly where she went, though she did go to Jaipur which she said was glorious. I suspect that the most stressful aspect of your visit may be the level of poverty, that and the driving.

    My father was in India before the war and said it was the best place in the world. But that was the Raj. Could have said the same about this country!!!

    Anyway have a fabulous trip.

  3. Hope you have a good time, but have you thought what Greta the Goblin will say about all of this?? 🙂

  4. Last I heard, St. Greta of Thunderbird was burning carbons in Canada shouting at everone else to change their ways. Is school out in Sweden?

    I hope Boadicea has a wonderful trip and comes back with reports and a shed load of piccies for our perusal and deluctation.


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