Fitness to Govern

Just in case this hasn’t already gone three times around the world and settled on everyone’s computer screen, Governor Andrew Cuomo of the State of New York is under attack for “sexual harassment.” The last time I looked, five women had come forward to make such claims, and I have no doubt that, as such things usually go, that number will continue to grow. Also, just in case another posting from me doesn’t cause you Charioteers to skip over this, I’ll throw in a couple of comments:

The veracity of all such claims is questionable. Ideas can be implanted, either by others or by oneself. I once had occasion to witness this at first hand in a case involving a young female and had some rather harsh words with the “analyst” involved, with the result that, knowing he was “rumbled,” he immediately discontinued this approach. Some women have been known to fabricate such stories deliberately, perhaps in hope of gaining fame and/or fortune from their publication.

The claims made by these females are weak, involving as they do things that the Governor allegedly said to them and that they interpreted as they wished. It’s not as though he grabbed them, wrestled them to the ground and did whatever to them, is it? (That would, however, provide great entertainment to others at a Gubernatorial cocktail party.) To my thinking, it’s unfair to accuse him of anything beyond an occasion lapse of good taste.

What, if anything, does any of this have with Mr. Cuomo’s ability to govern one of our most important States? I myself would be inclined to give more attention to the apparent fiddling with care home occupant numbers.

Why on earth should he have to resign? These days, that seems all too often the answer to everything, even when it bears no direct link to the case at hand. Can we not insist that those making such demands also be forced to resign from whatever it is they do (especially from making trouble)?

Let him stay in office, say I. If he hasn’t learned anything from this experience and determined to mend his ways, then he’s even more stupid than some may think and deserves to be voted out at the next Election.

Women can be troublesome, sometimes even only by their potential for causing trouble.. I can’t help thinking of the Rev. Billy Graham, the famed evangelist, who was known to routinely refuse to ride in an elevator with only one woman therein present. A smart and cautious man! Fortunately, there are still a few good women around. Give me a strong-minded and self-confident female every time!

Thinking of women, this is apparently “Women’s History Month.” Also, everywhere one turns these days, there’s some sort of “Black” this and “Black” that. All that strikes me as grossly unfair to much of the rest of the human race. What, I wonder, would happen if I tried to establish a “White Men’s” occasion?

OK, time now for me to go find some women to harass. What’s the worst they can do? I’m long retired, never even aspired to hold any public office and don’t have the kind of wealth that would make me an attractive lawsuit target.

7 thoughts on “Fitness to Govern”

  1. I do wish someone would define what ‘sexual harassment’ means these days. It seems such a woolly all-encompassing term that seems to be anything from a male making a stupid comment to the physical scene you describe, Cog.

    I’m sure I must have been subjected to verbal harassment in the long distant past – but verbal putdowns are pretty effective at dealing with that. As for some of the physical harassment I suffered as a teenager waitress – my ‘misplaced’ foot clad in a stiletto heel was very useful.

    I do not subscribe to the view that just because a woman makes a complaint the male is automatically wrong and should resign. Trial by media is very dangerous – but unfortunately becoming more prevalent.

  2. I totally agree with the right of a victim of sexual harassment to anonymity, up to the time that a trial has taken place and a verdict handed down. If the court finds the victims claim to be true by a “guilty” verdict, then anonymity should be preserved if the victim so wishes it. However, if the court returns a verdict of “Not guilty” then that right should be rescinded and the defendant should have the right to take action and give evidence against his accusers to prevent the lodging of vexatious (or political) claims.

  3. Hello Cog,

    The Governor’s sexual harassment tally is up to eight at the moment. The latest being a current staffer. Where he once stood as tall as a skyscraper his popularity is sliding fast. A year is a long time in pandemics.

    Seen as one of the “heroes” during the worst of times I watched many of his daily briefings entranced by the presentation and his sensible straight talking. He seemed to be everything 45 was not. I even bought his book- American Crisis. Now in trouble on two fronts as you said (care home death figures being the other) it seems unlikely he will govern for much longer. Though, he has said he will not resign.

    In a year or two or four I look forward to watching a HBO multi-part series of the scandals. It will most probably be called Cuomo. What the ending will be is unclear. Time will tell.

  4. Remember the tragic death of Dr David Kelly? The weapons expert on biological warfare who was alleged to have committed suicide after the Iraq war? The inquiry into his death was chaired by Lord Hutton, a northern Irish judge, who ruled, among other things, that Dr Kelly’s medical records should be closed for 70 years. It was called a whitewash at the time.

    Now we have another northern Irish lawyer who has decided that while Nicola Sturgeon might have been a bit forgetful she is otherwise pure as Cairngorm snow. The fact that this character is some sort of adviser to the SNP and Scottish government and was appointed by Sturgeon herself to conduct the inquiry into whether she broke the rules of ministerial conduct or not is of course irrelevant.

    It seems that some northern Irish lawyers can be relied upon to do an excellent job given a brush and a bucket of whitewash.

  5. If you’re there Cog, you will know Brother Chris has been suspended from CNN. I saw an apt headline, straight out of the gothic fiction of Poe- The Fall of the House of Cuomo.

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