Another bunch of idiots

Reading Nice Matin this morning I discovered that all this “woke” nonsense has spread to France.

A large crowd, about ten or so, gathered in Antibes to rename one of the streets in the town centre in honour of International Women’s Day.

At the corner of two streets, avenue Pasteur and avenue Thiers, they are trying to hang up a bit of paper inscribed Louise Michel. How pathetic! despite having lived in Antibes for more than eight years, I have no idea who Louise is. If these characters wanted to replace Pasteur with a female, what’s wrong with Marie Curie, another internationally renowned scientist.

Adolphe Thiers was a French statesman who helped to bring down the Bourbon monarchy, taking part in both the 1830 and 1848 revolutions. He finally became the first president of the Third French Republic. But of course he wasn’t a woman. Want a well known female politician? Why not Simone Weill, survivor of the concentration camps (Ravensbruck, I think) who went on to become a government minister.

For some reason Nice Matin does not want me to reproduce the photograph of this bunch of anoraks and it’s not a great photo anyway.

I feel guilty about International Womens’ Day since I took our female kitten, age five months, to the vet to be spayed this morning. Have I betrayed the sisterhood?

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