At least there’s something amusing.

I can’t bear to watch the news. Any mention of Parliament, Europe or Brexit risks setting me off.

Still, one must seek amusement somehow — and I do. Lately, amusement has come in the way of cash in plastic Aldi shopping bags. I would love to know how to get a job like that, how do I apply to join the NSW ALP?

If nothing else, the ALP are providing me with a good laugh. In their stronghold, Victoria, things are rapidly falling apart. Their green energy policies are likely to cause serious disruptions this summer. Who cam forget a certain Ms Trad in Queensland? That is simply comical. Barry O’Farrell had to fall on his proverbial sword over a bit of wine, but Jackie Trad has far worse conflicts of interest but after much dithering and vacillating, after much dragging of feet and threatening important projects, she still hasn’t been dislodged. If Queensland votes at the next state election the way it voted at this year’s federal election, I doubt that the hapless Anastasia Palaszczuk¬† will survive as premier.

Back to plastic Aldi bags… Where can I find dodgy Chinese billionaires? I’ve been skint for months and I don’t like it a bit, I could use bags full of cash. Yeesh, Joh Bjelke contented himself with envelopes full of cash, rank amateur! At least the ALP show some ambition! Much like they’ve shown ambition by backing all the wrong horses, including Tamil families with dodgy legal statuses!

On the other hand, the Coalition haven’t been handling the Gladys Liu fiasco all too well. Sending her, a first term MP, to face Andrew Bolt was probably not the wisest of ideas. I like Bolt and watch him frequently, but he doesn’t faff about and he doesn’t play favourites. He brutalises everyone and doesn’t let them get away with dodging questions. I will give her the benefit of a doubt. My name came up in a Confucius Institute listing at university, in part because of my close ties to Chinese students. I never joined, but it was added without my express consent. Still, ASIO did warn the Liberal leadership and she should have addressed the situation much earlier on. Oh, and not face Andrew Bolt unprepared.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

4 thoughts on “At least there’s something amusing.”

  1. Sorry, don’t do Antipodean politics. Bad enough keeping up with Trumpiniquities and the bloody Labour party who mostly seem to need a couple of years in a concentration camp for hard labour!
    Actually whilst one is at it one might as well send the whole of Westminster and Washington to join them. Get a real job, rock breaking!

    Once upon a time, leaders, after a year or so were burnt to death in Wicker cages. Jolly good custom that ought to be reintroduced for all politicians.
    What is the point of burning people at the stake for religious purposes when one could have them for political iniquities? MUCH more entertaining.

  2. CO: At least with Trump there’s some action and the economy is doing okay. He might have the personality of a geriatric frat boy, but he doesn’t actually seem to hate the USA. Our much esteemed Parliament, which I’ve failed to find a taker for — nobody wants them anywhere in the world — seems content to utterly destroy the UK because they love the EU so much better. I can’t even bare to hear the word “Europe” any more. I’ve started to carry deodorant with me at all lest I need to ward off one of Euromob. Soap normally works well enough, but deodorant, now that terrifies them!

  3. Quite!
    Fortunately most of my friends are foaming Brexiteers, lurking on their acres, loaded for bear with their war cry at the ready-
    “Wogs begin at Calais!”
    In their case read Offa’s Dyke for Calais as the English are included in their general anathema to furriners.

  4. CO: I only knew one truly rabid Eurobot, but we are no longer on speaking terms because I wouldn’t let her write abusive comments to Brexiteers and Americans on my social media accounts. Most people I know just want to get on with it. Quite a few are openly discussing the situation turning violent if we aren’t out before too long.
    My comment about Europeans was only half in jest. Yesterday, I found myself working out between a French woman and an Italian man. Neither one used deodorant and I came very close to doing a very credible Linda Blair impression. I am fanatically clean and consider any trace of body odour to be a personal failing worthy of the harshest judgement. That is, unless it’s a tradesman at the end of a long day at work — one must be reasonable. On occasion. Maybe. Oh, never mind.

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