The poor dear

The poor dear, my poor mum, has the grave misfortune of having to visit her family next week. It’s a long flight on Air Canada from Austin to Luxembourg via Toronto and Munich. Alas, it’s her duty to see her mother as her condition is quickly declining.

After 5 days of that torture, she will fly to England for a week. We’ll spend a few days in Dorset before travelling to Bath and then London to make sure that she gets to airport on time. I will keep you posted.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

5 thoughts on “The poor dear”

  1. Flying anywhere is a bloody nightmare these days. I’m afraid I have chickened out of going back to Wales this autumn. Just don’t feel up to it I ‘m afraid. She has my sympathy.

  2. CO: Isn’t that just the truth. When I last flew in June, I mad the mistake of being nice to a pregnant woman and switching seats with her. By the time I arrived in London I looked — and walked — like a gargoyle. I have only modest sympathy for her. I firmly suggested that she fly to Frankfurt and just take the train as it’s far easier and it is a lovely ride — one that would take her to her final destination without anyone trying to arrange to meet her at airport. She insisted on flying to Luxembourg which added a second connecting flight and requires her to co-ordinate with family members seeking excuses. Oh well. One can but try.

    Gaz: My mother and I have always been close. It’s hard being so many thousands of miles away. Were she still in California, I’d consider moving back because neither one of us is getting any younger and both of us have had health scares. Alas, she lives in Texas (CO and Cog were right about how that would go, but we knew that, didn’t we?) which makes it far more difficult.

  3. Boadicea: She’s very much looking forward to it, well, the part involving England at any rate. She said that she wants quiet, calm and pleasant. At least in Dorset she’ll be in the right place!

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