11 thoughts on “Didn’t Happen”

  1. G’day JW – not your fault – the “new block editor” and all the other changes WotdPress have recently made, have made it almost impossible to do anything!! 😎

    It took me over half an hour to “correct” what wasn’t wrong in the first place! If there are any explanatory help screens, they are bloody well hidden. Sigh.

    Or perhaps I’m just getting too old. 😣

  2. I always had my darkest suspicions that it was not real.
    Considering that it was merely a political knee jerk reaction to beat the Russians there after the rotating dog happening, (left to die, disgusting!)
    Whether it did, or did not happen it was all a total waste of money. Evidently 4% of the GDP of the USA was wasted on this caper according to the Washington Post. Considering that we will never be relocating humanity to a n other place it would have been much better to have spent the money on not fucking up this corner of the universe!
    Just think how many contraceptives, abortions and sterlilisations we could have had to keep this planet’s human occupancy rate somewhat lower than it is!

    All we got from the exercise was a few measly plastics to choke more whales and advances in computing to create the internet for more pervs to watch porn and bicker amongst themselves. Not, I think, a great advance for humanity!!!

  3. It was a good start. It led the way for us to have the technology to reach Mars. Might I nominate a few people to start the first human colony on the red planet? No, no need to wait for infrastructure to be built. If humanity could manage to repopulate on earth, it can manage on Mars, right? What’s the worst that can happen?

  4. Of course it happened – far too many people all around the world involved for it to be a hoax…

    Mission Mars: Can I start by nominating all ‘celebrities’ who think their ‘opinions’ so valuable that they need to be publicised?

  5. Use the Force, young McPadawan and come to you answers they will. On the other hand, if you feel all that stuff is a load of old guff employ your Google Fu skills and type “oxygen recycling in space” into the search bar. The International Space Station has been up there since 1998 and if oxygen was a problem I think we might have heard something by now. You can both track and see the thing in orbit with your own eyes, so if it’s a hoax it’s a good ‘un.

    Now, about that flat Earth theory…..


  6. For this to have been a hoax, 400,000 employees would have had to keep their mouths shut. The cinematic technology available at that time was not capable of creating the lighting needed for that. Even an approximation would have cost more money than the entire space programme. It was cheaper, and easier, to send people to the moon than to fake it. Even today, studios would have to rely on CGI to recreate those conditions.

    Boadicea: Of course! I might also like to recommend a number of politicians and talking heads in the media.

  7. I am with you TR. I have sailed along the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Town to Dartmouth, and let me tell you, that ocean was pretty damn flat!

  8. Armstrong and Aldrin left a mirror on the moon that was used for some forty years for laser ranging experiments, so hat the moons distance could e measured to within centimetres. Let’s see the flat-earthers explain that one.

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