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I’ve recently been following the saga of the DA and Patricia de Lille. I’m having a hard time following what’s actually going on and what the story is. There’s been so much obfuscation and mud slinging on both sides that it’s hard to sift through it all.

It seems as if de Lille is a big name in South African politics, but that she’s always been damaged goods and a bit of a problematic case for the DA from the beginning. Refusing her admission wasn’t easy, but getting rid of her has been just as, if not more, problematic. It seems as if the only one that’s benefiting from the infighting in the ANC and now DA is Julius Malema and his EFF.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

2 thoughts on “Question for Sipu”

  1. Hi Christopher. I have only just seen this. I have more or less given up on politics in South Africa as well as Zimbabwe for that matter. Both countries are so entirely corrupt that it hardly worth bothering. In the case of South Africa, race is the issue that more than anything that prevents any form of progress. So I am not really in a position to answer your question.

    As I recall, Patricia de Lille came to prominence in the late 90s, (when Mandela was still president) when as an as a member of the Pan African Congress, she exposed the ‘arms scandal’. Very briefly this involved senior ANC politicians, Jacob Zuma being at the forefront, accepting bribes from various European arms suppliers. She claimed that organisations linked to Mandela also received payments! To her credit, she persisted with matter despite the fact that the ANC did all in its power to shut her up. It went to court, but the charges were dropped.

    She joined the DA which was then led by Helen Zille. It seemed a sensible thing to do at the time. The DA was perceived as being too white and as high profile coloured woman, she could lend some credibility. She became mayor of Cape Town but by all accounts was a gorgon. She too has been associated with demanding bribes. So she is as bad as the rest.

    I am amazed that any white South African would have the patience to remain involved in South African politics. The ANC and the EFF are truly appalling specimens of life. Having to deal with their stupidity, corruption , dishonesty and lack of civilised behaviour would cause me to explode.

    Having said that, the DA run province of the Western Cape and several DA run municipalities, do fare better than those run by the ANC. But the ANC and EFF will win, because they are black and the DA are supported by most whites.

    The video below sums up the problem.

  2. It does make for depressing reading. I probably mentioned this before, but a number of South Africans have recently started settling at least part time in Dorset. Some go back regularly, but there is a sense that they’re trying to secure a way out for themselves and their families. Recently the DA have selected an overwhelmingly black/coloured leadership with the old guard gradually making their way towards the egress, Helen Zille most prominently. The ANC have proven themselves to be useless and the EFF are a party of cretins. I wish South Africa well, but things don’t bode well if this lot keep making a mess of things.

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