It’s Greek to me

Not surprising perhaps. Phil has done some unusual things over his 97 years. He also seems to be stubborn to a fault.  Driving alone after a road accident he seems to have caused and without a seat-belt qualifies as evidence.

Today he is reported to have ‘surrendered his licence voluntarily‘. Which I’m sure is RoyalSpeak for being banned from driving. I mean, if I wanted to give up driving, I’d simply stop – with my licence intact. ‘Surrendering’ it implies police involvement – which I expect will lead in due course to serious charges.

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13 thoughts on “It’s Greek to me”

  1. At 97 I doubt many serious charges will be coming. It’s too much paperwork and they’re more likely to kill the man with the stress than do any good. As he hasn’t written rude things on Facebook or been overly rude to any protected group lately, at least by his standards, he should get away with a warning.

  2. Sounds like a Royal version of a plea bargain.

    Phil le Grec declares that he won’t be driving any more, by the low profile handing in of his licence, an (albeit belated) apology has been made to the other people involved, and, doubtless, all associated expenses have been covered by the Crown. Nobody else involved, lay no charges and try to forget it ever happened. 😎

    Pragmatic, if a little crafty!

  3. Janus, didn’t you mean all Latin or perhaps all French. Poor Phil was confused, he thought “jus primae noctus” meant he could knock people down, not knock people up.

  4. LW, long time no see! How are you over there? I allude of course to Phil’s ancestry. And I suspect that he’ll keep on driving, whatever the sanctions. Btw, pedant alert: it’s ‘jus primae noctis’. (winkythingy)

  5. I tend to think that Phil the Greek has, with his rather large foot which he has over the years put in his mouth, has become a bit of an icon to a certain generation.

    I also think that the speed with which he took ownership of a replacement vehicle and took to the road (without seat-belt) was, in fact, a sad attempt to show that he was not incapable of driving.

    How many of you know someone like my step-father who was, in his time a very careful and considerate driver, but in later years became a menace on the road? It was a relief when my mother asked me to get a taxi rather than get him to pick me up at the station – I prayed the whole of the 5 minute ride from the station to their flat. She never had the courage to tell him that he really should not be driving . And whatever else I might say about my mother – she never lacked for courage elsewhere! I know that she hoped he would come to that decision himself. He never did.

    I do not believe that the comment surrendered his licence voluntarily is RoyalSpeak for banned. I’m sure our legal-eagles will confirm that that cannot be done except by due process of law. Nor do I think that serious charges will follow. Who is going to try to get that man into court?

    Phil may have surrendered his licence – but he can still get behind the wheel of his brand-new Range-Rover. He needs no licence to drive on any of the Royal Estates.

  6. Surrendering your licence to the DVLA is indeed a voluntary act – one pops it in an envelope with the relevant form and that is it. It automatically nullifies any vehicle insurance policy and normally occurs if advised by your GP when those over 70 go for their three yearly review (largely ignored by most).
    That said, it won’t make any difference to any prosecution, it would only be useful mitigation, if found guilty, to receive a lesser punishment.
    Meanwhile, one of the royal chauffeurs now has a busier workload!

  7. In my experience, it is not uncommon for situations such as this to be resolved as they were. Phil the Bubble’s advanced age makes it unlikely that any charges will be brought. He will no longer be driving on public roads and he was very likely cut down to size thoroughly by Her Maj and the relevant staff at Bucks House. As compensation will be paid and full responsibility has been accepted, there is little reason for there to be a civil suit. Plus, the one whose arm was broken will, after it is healed, have a brilliant story to tell.

  8. Oh, for Heaven’s sake!

    Any insurer will tell a client never, ever, under any circumstances, to admit blame, but because of his unique position, Phil was under pressure to do exactly that,

    a) because he is HRH Phil the Bubble and

    b) the injured peasant got seduced by a cheque book waving republican tabloid and

    c) said tabloid would otherwise run headlines such as “Dismissive Duke ignores Maimed Mother after Car Crash Smash Bash” or “Wham Bam, Thank you Ma’am” for the rest of time.

    Back in the day when men were men and women were grateful, HRH would merely have ridden roughshod, literally, on a fully armoured hunting horse with lots of outrider minions, (or better still a Chariot with scythed wheels) over aforementioned peasant and ordered a lackey known to history as “You there” to sweep the mince into the hedge.

    And quite right too. Sorry, I’m in Christina mode this morning and will deal dismissively with any incoming flak.


  9. OZ brilliant!
    Leave the poor old sod alone he looks like death’s door. About time he fell off his twig.

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