We need to find someone else to blame

It’s Burns’ Night tonight and I should be thinking of his address “To a Haggis”. Instead the lines of his poetry that came to my mind this morning are from “Tam O’Shanter”. They are a description of an angry wife and I wondered if they match Moira Salmond at the moment.

“… our sulky sullen dame                                                                                                     Gathering her brows like gathering storm,                                                                           Nursing her wrath to keep it warm.”

Or perhaps she’s just quoting Captain Mainwaring – “stupid boy!”

12 thoughts on “We need to find someone else to blame”

  1. It all seems to have gone quiet on that front from here. Whats the bitch this time?

  2. Apologies to Christina and others whose newspapers have more important things to worry about than a pompous little man, Alex Salmond, once the First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party. His great ambition was to make Scotland independent. He failed in this, just like his successor Sturgeon. Having become a Westminster MP, presumably in an attempt to regain the spotlight, he lost his seat in 2017 after only a couple of years. His latest employment was as a useful idiot on Putin’s radio show. He has now briefly regained his position in the headlines, having been charged with fourteen offences, from attempted rape to breach of the peace. He did not enter a plea, but denied any criminality. Released on bail but I hope they took his passport away.

    At one time I and Christopher and others used to blame Salmond, sometimes known as Wee Eck, for almost everything going wrong – in jest of course. Now with everything “sub judice”, I didn’t like to mention his name in my original post in case John Mackie rapped my knuckles.

    Interesting you should suggest Macron as successor on the Chariot, Christopher. I understand that the age difference between both men and their spouses is about the same. Moira is seventeen years older and Brigitte is fifteen.

    Glad you’re feeling fit enough to deal with your plants, Christina.

  3. Thanks for the elucidation.
    God, if only’ they’ could keep their loin cloths on!

  4. I did actually know what you were talking about – I had read an article – and I admit – my immediate reaction was ‘Yippee! Sometimes there really is justice in this world!’

  5. There is an interesting article by Henry Samuel, the Paris correspondent, in today’s Telegraph. It reports several insiders claiming that it is Madame Macron who wears the trousers in the Elysee palace. (If I had knees like hers, I too would wear trousers) Macron apparently can agree to one thing with his advisers and Cabinet and then change his mind after a spanking when he gets home. It is also alleged that Madame M has “helped” choose members of the Cabinet. Perhaps she is annoyed that she was not allowed to become the First Lady, following the American way, or perhaps she hasn’t got over being Emmanel’s teacher, correcting his errors and telling him what to do.

    To be fair, I don’t think we can blame him for the tax increases in Scotland proposed by Sturgeon and her buddies in the Green party.

  6. Sheona: Not that I’m that fond of Trump, but your point about Macron raises questions about the media and its biases. Trump isn’t predictable and he’s rightly called out for it. However, Macron is just as unreliable but he’s given a pass in the same way that France is given a pass for its budgetary issues whereas Italy is roundly condemned by the European Commission.

  7. G’day, Sheona. Last week, Andrew ‘Brillo Pad’ Neil (one of the better class of Scotsmen, IMHO) stated live on either Auntie’s ‘This Week’ or ‘The Daily Politics’ – we can’t remember which, but it was probably the former being a late night show – that Macron is now so unpopular in the polls that his advisers have suggested, apparently seriously, it would be better if Brigitte did not wake up one morning so that Manny could milk national sympathy as the grieving widower. True, possibly; cruel, certainly; funny, absolutely. The NSW and I sat there gobsmacked with a, “Did he really say that?” look on our faces.

    The pressing question for Charioteers now is whether Macron or Salmond is the less popular and thus the more deserving of our collective opprobrium.


  8. In truth Manny is a busted flush, likewise Mutti and Drunker will soon be leaving to spend even more time with his wine cellar. The obvious candidate in Martin Selmayr, not to be so much as a compromise, but to force the Machiavellian little slime ball out into the open. Know thine enemy, and all that.


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