I am 76 today and can’t stop humming that tune. Backside says if I don’t he’ll find a novel use for 76 of those plug things they all use. Lunch in the Smoke today with some of the girls. That should silence him.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

20 thoughts on “Trombones”

  1. I guess congratulations are in order, although personally I prefer commiserations on my birthdays since they topped 60.
    76 is not so interesting but you can start practising for next year with this catchy tune :

  2. And there was me thinking 63 this year was bad enough. Enjoy the lunch and many happy thingummies.


  3. Heartfelt commiserations.
    I don’t think anyone should actually have birthdays after about 30!
    I haven’t had one for forty years or so.

  4. Easy for her to say! I try my best to ignore them but “the hits just keep on coming.” I might do better if others forgot but nooo, just last month she wished me a happy 76th. She really knows how to hurt a guy. I, on the other hand, must be every woman’s dream man because, while I’m very good at remembering dates of birthdays, anniversaries, etc., I’m absolute rubbish at remembering how many of them there have been.

  5. On my 70th I decided to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius thereby instantly providing myself with an excuse for reverting mentally to the age of 21. Any advice on how I can get my aging carcass to do the same would be gratefully received. I hope you had a great day Janus. 🙂

  6. Thanks, everyone. I was treated to classic Frog food at La Poule au Pot in Belgravia; inside of course on a cool day. It’s been there for ever and does it all with great panache. A memorable day….

  7. You cannot even use the old hexadecimal trick, J. I am only (0x)49 (73 in old money). You would be (0x)4C. Happy birthday, anyhow!

  8. That is an appalling slur against iambic pentameters. Why do you hate us so? I’m going to ‘take to’ social media to voice my anxiousness, nervousness and general, y’know, I mean, like, snowflakery, innit, in the fully deserved (in my bubble) expectation of a wholly undeserved hate crime compensation payout from somewhere anonymous, like the taxpayer, you uncaring, xenophobic, populist, far right, anti-pentameter swine.

    I’m having a fit of the vapours now and need to lie down. See what you’ve done to me? Sob!


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