O tempora et cetera

Yesterday I passed on to my reader Backside’s aversion to anthropological fantasies purveyed by the meeja; from Twilight to Harry Potter to Game of Thrones to Watership Down, all celebrating the supernatural or the improbable ad nauseam.

Today his other pet hate was exhibited: the propensity of celebrities to parade their emotions before the cyberpublic, presumably seeking sympathy and even greater celebrity = money. This time a fine tennis professional who regrettably lacks the dignity and self-respect to avoid the camera when he is overcome by sadness at his own fate (or rather the impending end of his playing career). Yes, I know it’s the fashion but p-lease!

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8 thoughts on “O tempora et cetera”

  1. Tell me about it! (No, don’t!)
    Nearly always trash with cash, or shortage thereof.
    General emotive snowflakery, one wishes they would just melt into nothing like a puddle of dog pee. Unfortunately no chance, they always seem to come back for another go at it.
    And if it isn’t for the money it is for the ‘look at me’ effect, aka ‘agent orange ‘ in the White House or those bloody Beckhams!
    Please God for a stiff upper lip and a ramrod up the rear end. Give me Rees Mogg any day!!

  2. I’m in two minds about this.

    On the one hand – keeping a ‘stiff upper lip and a ramrod up the rear end’ publicly is one thing. And I most certainly do have problems with ‘celebs’ weeping, wailing and blubbering all over my TV screen…

    Every time I see Steve Smith’s screwed up face, for his part in the Ozzie ball-tampering scandal. I want to scream: It’s only because you were caught out.’

    Similarly, I had little sympathy for the display of emotion from the latest celeb – although I have always admired the man for not using his presence, at the the age of 8 or 9, at the Dunblane massacre as a crutch to hobble through the rest of his life.

    However, it is unfortunate that sometimes the body cannot stand up to the demands one puts on it – but that’s life and many, many people have to face that reality: I am minded of a friend who was an amazing tennis player until she damaged her knee – and got on with the rest of her life – so should this man – in private.

    But, the notion of keeping a ‘stiff upper lip and a ramrod up the rear end’ in all circumstances is not a good idea and one does have to acknowledge that one needs help – and I know that that attitude solves no problems.

    That some ‘celebs’, who have been ‘there’ are urging people to seek help is, in my opinion, a ‘Good Thing’. What I admire about them is that they are doing that after they have resolved their problems.

  3. I hardly watch or listen to non-Asian entertainment any more. East Asian entertainment is meant to be entertaining and East Asian celebrities are well aware that they are there to entertain. I’d rather listen to an overly-produced but catchy K-pop song or watch a cheesy but mildly amusing Japanese comedy than yet another “woke” production or have to suffer another celebricritter discuss her/his/its/zes/blah-blah-blah mental health, views on Brexit or why Donald Trump is the lovechild of Hitler and Satan.

  4. I echo Boa’s comments, and in addition, slightly defend the dour Scot (who everyone who knows him insists he’s a charming and funny man -he just disguises it very, very well).
    Andy Murray has always just answered the questions put to him by the media and I’m not convinced he is playing up to the camera – he is genuinely gutted that the only thing he’s ever done is coming to an end. I would probably shed a tear or two too if I were he.
    I do believe it is the media riding an expected and almost obligatory wave of emotion due to the social media and snowflake generation and culture we have these days (unfortunately) – everyone seems to want to make comment and believes they have the right to do so.
    BBC Radio 5 Live dedicated a whole day to Andy this week, just as they do with other minor celebrity issues these days. So one could argue that there is a logic dictating that the public want to hear it.
    I think we can all agree here on this esteemed site – no we don’t!

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