All hail to Rod Liddle

Once again my apologies for the blatant cut and paste in the original version of this post. I should have known better and I trust that this version falls within the rules.

All I wanted to say was that there is an article in the Spectator magazine that struck a cord with me. Rod Liddle presents a rather jaded view of the BBC’s fetish for Political Correctness. He takes particular aim at the Beeb’s recent production of Watership Down which he describes as being “woke”. (“The ABC Murders” also warrants a barb .)

He talks of of Bigwig being a “bruv from the ’hood” and alerts us to the fact that one of the warren is a campaigner for social justice while another is a transgendering rabbit called Strawberry. Not having seen the program, I cannot say whether this is an accurate representation or rather a bit of mischief by Mr Liddle, but I think I get the gist. It rather surprises me that Richard Adams’s estate allowed such nonsense.

Anyway, Mr Liddle concludes that his New Year resolution may be to join Charles Moore in refusing to pay the BBC licence fee. I almost wish I was living in the UK so that I could join the boycott.

The link to the article is here There is a pay wall, but generally infrequent visitors are allowed a 3 free articles a month.

8 thoughts on “All hail to Rod Liddle”

  1. Well that’s one to dodge anyway!
    Never could stomach the original book. When I was a child we were in the middle of one of the worst outbreaks of myxomatosis we ever had. Our rural lane was beset with poor blind rabbits suffering horribly. The only decent thing to do was to kill them to stop them dying of starvation and worse. I killed so many it became second habit, dismount bicycle, kill rabbit, put gently in the hedge and pass on. A truly terrible disease, man made and inflicted on nature.
    Pity one cannot dispatch BBCites the same way!

    Another of the BBC’s crap programmes. Killing Eve, what a crock of shit. Some hideous goggle eyed slant gaping endlessly and stupidly at some unlikely sapphic murderer. Total bloody drivel and I gather it was well received!!!
    What the hell is wrong with them? (The makers and the audience). Wogs and queers rammed down one’s throats endlessly. You would think by now that they would have worked out that such a ‘diet’ would hardly make them more palatable to normal heterosexual white citizenry!

  2. Happy New Year Christina, to you and Cog and indeed the rest of the Charioteers. I am sure by now, you will have heard much about the latest media sensation, a clinical psychologist called Jordan Peterson. If not, I can say that he is man who hails from Canada of all places and is really taking it to the lefties, giving them a real hiding. As an introduction, if you have not heard of him, have a look at this Channel 4 interview with Cathy Newman.

    If you do not want to wade through the whole interview, go to minute 22.00. Having said that, it is worth watching it all and many other videos besides, like this one.

    And then finally, if you think you have harsh words to say about Justin Trudeau, just listen to this. It is short but effective.

  3. Poor old Jordan Peterson! Must be dreadful for him to actually be a CANADIAN. it is a wonder he has survived in such a PC lickspittle nation of “I don’t like to’s”. Probably the only thing that has saved him from public stoning in the street is that they are so hot on ‘talking the talk’ but foot dragging on ‘walking the walk’ that goes with it!
    Spot on about Trudeau.

  4. Lately I’ve been reading a fair amount of 19th century to mid-20th century literature from Russia and the southern United States. Is it politically correct? Absolutely not, but the writing is brilliant and the stories are actually interesting. Having had to endure “post-modernist literature”, I’ll leave the dissection of that contradiction in terms to someone with more time and stomach, it’s a profound improvement. All I need to see is the BBC logo and I run in the other direction nearly as quickly as I would to the toilet after a long car drive.

    Killing Eve… Starring Sandra Oh. She’s not the worst actress, but no matter how capable the actor/actress, a shite programme is a shite programme. It’s their own fault for accepting bad roles. One can’t help but empathise with Greta Garbo walking away. when she did.

    As for Trudeau… Pierre Elliot Trudeau was actually interesting. He wasn’t my favourite politician, my preference being for the likes of Diefenbaker and Menzies, but like Gough Whitlam, there was actually some substance to him. Justin Trudeau is the political equivalent of candy floss. It looks good from a distance, but there’s absolutely no substance. He was chosen, quite blatantly, because of the man who knocked his mother up. Like many politicians, Harper didn’t know when to leave and he dragged his party down with him undermining many of his accomplishment. The question is if recent provincial elections indicate what will happen this autumn. The right have recovered in most provincial election, even taking power in Ontario and, most recently, Québec of all places for the first time in generations.

  5. Christopher, candyfloss is a high protein meal in comparison to Justin Trudeau. I watched some videos of him in India, parliament, ‘town hall meetings’ and elsewhere. I had no idea how completely vapid he is. He is a parody of himself.

  6. Sipu: His visit to India was arguably the beginning of the end for him. He was exposed for the charlatan he is. He’s like a less-accomplished Macron. At least Macron had his own career before he entered politics. Many Canadians have complained about Trudeau the Lesser and the cultural climate he has created. Canada has always been a bit PC to say the least, but Spawn of Pierre-Elliot has made it far worse. He’s embraced every single leftist cause, every single instance of identity politics to further divide Canada with the express goal of creating a post-Canadian Canada, a country without an identity. If one thing can be gleaned from Sweden’s experience, and I dismiss the notion that Sweden is the dystopia it’s made out to be in the alt-media due to my experiences there, it’s that the “country as a social laboratory” bit is a dangerous farce. He might well be voted out this year.

  7. My meeja adviser, Backside, reckons all the anthropomorphic fantasies now offered reflect the ‘panem et circenses’ we are being offered ‘while Rome burns’. Pass the bread, please.

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