11 thoughts on “Overrated: Fireworks”

  1. Happy New Year, JW. You have to admit that the pyrotechnics over Sydney Harbour are always a bit good, though, and better than most.


  2. Happy New Year OZ

    Ordinarily I have a ten day cut off for NY greetings but as SuperMac isn’t here to grill me I have extended it to fifteen days.

    Sydney harbour disco lights.! Waste of money. Spend it on fixing the acoustics at the opera house. I like my heavy metal baritones to reverberate.

  3. I agree with OZ, but Brissie gets better every year. I used to love the occasional “dump and burn” by a local F111, but that’s all in the past – noisy, dangerous and very expensive – my inner child cheered πŸ˜„

  4. Clearly, I haven’t grown up yet… I love firework displays.

    Given a choice between fireworks and acoustics at the Opera House – I’ll go for the fireworks every time!

    But, that’s not to say that I can’t think of a few better things to spend the money on… πŸ™‚

  5. Since retiring from gainful employment, I trained to become a certified pyro-technician so that we could have a proper display over the harbour in Polperro on bonfire night, without it costing the village a fortune. The advantage is that you can use a completely different class of fireworks from those available to the general public that give a better display for a limited amount of cash, which helps if you’re doing a free to the public display. The village raises a few thousand pounds each year with pub quizzes and like events Setting it all can be a bit more complicated than it appears as well . I did a display for the National trust at Saltram house just outside Plymouth, which had to be co-ordinated to music as part of a live performance by band of the Royal Marines when they returned from the handover ceremony in Hong Kong, which you have to run with a computerized firing program . The disadvantages are that you never actually see the display you are firing because you’re too busy making sure that everything that didn’t ignite when it was supposed to is made safe and other major disadvantage is the clearing up afterwards, it takes hours, especially if you’ve had to rainproof the display. Little bits of tinfoil and black bin liners evereywhere

  6. I like fireworks, especially as the chemist in me likes to work out how the colours are generated. This years London New Year fireworks were pretty good EXCEPT that Saddick Khant, who pretends to be the Mayor of London, organised the fireworks around the London Eye in the colours and the format of the Star Spangled Sphincter, the infamous EU flag!!

  7. Fireworks are great if it’s the first time – or multiple times if you are a child. After that their value declines – and the perceived cost escalates.

  8. Sod the fireworks, just can we have a re-run of Guy Fawkes for real this week?
    Seemingly in great need of it the coming week.
    Tuesday night would do fine. Send the whole pack of traitorous pygmies high in the sky, a splendid thought!

  9. PS The only decision to be made would be the timing of the above, before or after their vote.

  10. I think we should tell ’em that if we don’t get a Brexit, then you don’t get a pension. Watch their principles, otherwise known as their all their political ambitions, all vanish at the speed of light.

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