Welcome back Tina

I have already sent an invitation to your new identity to become an author – it will have gone to the email address that you used when you re-registered with WordPress.   As soon as your acceptance reaches The Chariot, I will transfer ownership of all your old posts to your new persona.

Nice to see you back all in one piece! 😎

17 thoughts on “Welcome back Tina”

  1. Welcome back Mrs O. Have missed your educational and barbarous comments. Not to mention those exclamation marks!!! ( thought 3 was enough, hope you don’t mind me using them)

  2. No, sorry, you have to click on something in the invitation email – then the system gets busy all by itself.

  3. This is hitting the comment button, doesn’t seem anything else to hit except screen with hammer!
    But i still had to log into wordpress.

  4. No, let me explain further.

    You have to check your email at bezant@prodigy.net which is the email address that christinacleone is registered with at WordPress. Inside that email will be an “accept” button, or something similar. That’s what you need to click on. 😎

  5. Bearsy, there is absolutely nothing left to click on!
    Told you wordpress has it in for me!
    Not to worry, nothing in the past that I want to keep, forgotten most of it already. One intends to leave absolutely no footprint for posterity. Bloody facebook and/or the taxman might find one in a millenia or two. Bastards.

    Hi christopher haven’t they chucked you out of Dorset yet? Thought you’dve been declared an undesirable alien yonks ago sweetie.

  6. You have definitely settled in to Dorset life, Christopher with just the occasional foreign trip to alleviate the boredom. A veritable success story – even my dog likes you!

  7. Well then! If the dogs like him he must be OK.
    As far as the ‘acceptable wog syndrome’, I too qualify here in a similar fashion. One sort of gets a pass from the mad liberals who have probably known me too long. The boozing, smoking and swearing are definitely not the attributes of the locals who dismiss it as just Tina as usual.

  8. Hiya Christina. Long may you be the scourge of Democrats, the hard of thinking, tree huggers, liberals and assorted snowflakes everywhere.


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