New neighbours in Novopangea

In a couplahundrend million years or so, according to the DM, our soon-to-be-former-Euromates Spain will be cheek-by-jowl with Kenya, GB with Morocco, Alaska will be a lot warmer, penguins will overrun Chile, the Alps will be cosying up to the Himalayas – and OZ? Land-locked! No worries there then – except perhaps from China.


Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

9 thoughts on “New neighbours in Novopangea”

  1. Aye week, J-man. In Godzillian years my descendants and their begattens will be living in New Glasgow, Mars. And they’ll be celebrating the pride of the blue planet, Glasgow Rangers, winning their umpteenth Inter Galactic Cup.

  2. Look on the bright side, you’ll be able to drive virtually everywhere which will be warmly welcomed for those who don’t like flying !!

  3. Looking out of the window in Luton I thought it had already happened! Pakistan has arrived in the Wash. (But not sufficiently whitened and brightened, wrong soap powder!) (I blame King John!)

    Hullo, I’m back! for some obscure reason this web site shut me out, or , rather wordpress did. Spousal unit has gone through hoops to get me another account here. It took a long time because I went to ground with an unfortunate brush with the big C. Very fortunately for me got it early enough and it hadn’t spread so back in the game.

    God! Living on earth is bad enough these days can you really imagine living on Mars? It looks absolutely ghastly, all desert, jolly good for deporting the contents of the Horn of Africa but bugger all else. As Oz would say, “I’ll get my hat”

  4. Is it really you, CO? I do hope so. What’s with the new pen-name? Anyway, welcome back – not too beaten up, I trust. It’s refreshing to have your full frontal comment again! 😱

  5. Tis me, tis me! Please note the full frontal me is still the same shape, not lopsided! maybe redistributed but definitely still matching.

  6. Might scupper what’s left of my fine reputation with this observational statement. If you squint hard enough that map is the double of Waldorf of the Muppets.

    Got to Chariot immortalise my favourite Statler/Waldorf repartee, which could be meant for all of us. (Smiley thingummyjig )

    Statler: They aren’t half bad.
    Waldorf: Nope, they’re ALL bad!

  7. JW, you rogue! I’ve now got the Muppets theme tune on the brain! And I’ll be smiling inanely as I spot the lookalike Miss Piggies at the shops later.

  8. But Janus, there are already colonies of Humboldt penguins in Chile and we hope to see them in a week or so. They apparently like the cold current, so I won’t be swimming with them. Shall I give them your regards?

    Happy to see you back, Christina.

  9. Silly Backside, Sheona! He says there are also Chinese in Oz and and Moroccans in Bayswater! Have a good trip and please report back on the Humboldts.

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