The verb to meddle

That’s what the commentators are doing, meddling with our ineffably wonderful language.

How? Potential winners at the European Championships are allegedly likely to medal! Synonym? To podium.

That’s after they have battled their opponents.


Author: janus

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6 thoughts on “The verb to meddle”

  1. I’m working hard to keep my wife ignorant of the word mansplaining.
    I think that I am in for a hard time when she learns it.
    Similarly, when lunch is last I can become quite hangry, but she has y caught on yet.

  2. Indeed, Sheona. I mean (the latest afffectation) the combination of newspeak with coolspeak is ge”in’ excruciatin’ like.

  3. Sorry to be pedantic Janus, but that should be “geʔin’ excruciatin’”, where ʔ is the IPA symbol for a glottal stop, common in Cockney and Sarf Lunnon dialects. 😎

  4. To save money replacing our audio-visual device yet again, the NSW has replaced the stack of house bricks beside my armchair with a box of rolled socks for those moments when, according to some semi-literate, minority representing, sexually dubious autocue reader on 200 large per annum presenter, a ‘hero’ has just realised his/her/its* dreams to’ medal’ in his/her/its* chosen event.

    Where’s my coffee?


    *Other gender orientations are available, apparently.

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