Dear Boris

On behalf of my fellow afficionados, I must register the strongest possible objections to your inappropriate reference to the iconic British letter-box. Your context – the veil worn by some religious extremists – trivialises the vital role played by letter-boxes throughout the realm for centuries; and attributes undue importance to facial adornments.

An apology will suffice.

Yours etc.

British Association for Letter-box Lovers (BALLS)


Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

3 thoughts on “Dear Boris”

  1. Boris is one of our great assets. Love him or hate him, he is as British as our letter box or even our red telephone box, which is revered throughout the civilised world and America.

  2. In later news the PC Prats now deny the acceptability of humour in political debate. Well done, Mr Bean, for your verbal support!

    Why are the burka-women offended by being likened to the iconic letter-box? Does religion affect their funny-bones?

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