10 thoughts on “A loony limerick challenge”

  1. Jeremy C was a clown
    Who talked his country down,
    He plotted with fools
    And all sorts of tools
    Until he was run out of town! (I hope)

  2. Oh well, it’s bedtime here in darkest Africa….

    That prince of poets Janus
    Has sought to entertain us
    His challenge has
    Invited Jazz
    To write about Uranus

  3. I knew a young fella in Oz
    Who wasn’t quite sure what he was
    He’d dress like a Sheila
    And dance up a fever
    But in Mardi Gras everyone does.

  4. I would have liked to submit a masterpiece, Janus, but can’t find a rhyme for “Wichman”, the idiot leader of Danish fishermen – poor them. His view that there was no “before” the UK joined the CFP leaves the mind boggling. You’re doing well to get out. Even your soon-to-be neighbour of very little brain must be more intelligent.

  5. Sheona, may I suggest ‘sick, man’, ‘trick, man’ or ‘thick, man’ – or even ‘stick-man’?

    Btw I’m calling my new abode ‘Pooh Corner’.

  6. The Dane Wichman, whose first name is Neils
    Will soon be known for his squeals.
    Our fishermen he’s taunted
    Over rights they had vaunted
    They have now vowed to stuff him with eels.

  7. Jazz, you veer quite often – from anything resembling logic or expertise other than your own limited field of understanding.

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