Grid Girls no more…

…they’ve gone the way of Legs and Co (or Pan’s People for those old enough to remember)

Formula One has abolished the use of Grid Girls this season and, that sport of Kings, Darts have announced there will be no more walk on girls at their professional competitions. Cheerleaders could be next to go Joe Doodo.

In this, the centenary of women gaining their suffrage one feels sorry for the suffering of those redundant sporting actresses.

12 thoughts on “Grid Girls no more…”

  1. I think this is the revenge of ugly women (most feminists) against their good looking sisters.

  2. The whole thing has gone too damned far. Absolutely ridiculous.
    Anyway what other jobs are these idiot bimbos going to get anyway? Shop assistants? Jolly useful for standing around saying ‘obstruction at the til’ or whatever!
    Short of that, prostitutes?
    Surely anyone who feels this is a legitimate path to a career in anything must be short of material holding the ears apart, and is bound to end in tears. Just look at Melania Trump’s facial expressions, talk about regret at leisure!

    Might as well leave them where they are, prauncing about entertaining their delusional futures.
    And amusing the boys.

    One seriously wonders if humanity is actually evolving into more than one species. I look at some of the examples of so called humanity on this earth and do not recognise any similarity whatsoever. (Thank God!)
    They really ought to sell Xylon B in supermarkets. Sort of coke sized individual tins…………..

  3. PS The sooner the Dallas Cowgirls disappear the better! Having had the misfortune to see them rammed down one’s throat for a year whilst I lived locally every time one switched the TV on, I have never seen worse vacuous stupidity attached to silly little girl accents. Oh Oh, far too early to even contemplate the horror of it all. Where’s the coffee?

  4. Like Gaul, my comment . . . in tres partes divisa est.

    1. Pan’s People – sure! But how about Hill’s Angels – Benny would have been lost without them.

    2. When I was a teenager, the girls’ attitude was, in most cases, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

    3. I blame the Muslims, and Mrs Grundy.

    O tempora, o mores. 😎

  5. Thanks, JW, for adorning our screens! I’m afraid their male counterparts will take over – horror of horrors!

  6. I thought the whole idea about female ’emancipation and equality’ was that it meant women could do what THEY wanted to do, and not what someone else told them they could, should or couldn’t or shouldn’t do.

    It seems that women have acquired another lot of control-freaks – in this case mainly women (not far wrong Jazz) in which case that mob of kill-joys should be told very firmly that the sort of woman who wants to ‘flaunt it’ because ‘she’s got it’ has the perfect right to do so…

    I don’t enjoy it much either Christina, but it’s really just a bit of fun – and far too much fun is being leeched out of the world.

  7. You’re welcome, J-man. The execution of this blog took three full 24 hour days to complete. The writing part was finished in 10 minutes . The rest of the time involved exhaustive research to find a suitable image.

    I tell you, my eyes have been well and truly opened.

  8. I’m with you Boadicea and can’t help but feel Jazz has a good point too. Surely these grid girls only do this for one weekend per year and can then go back to their everyday jobs. Probably quite fun but not very well paid. But I’m not convinced that this one-off deal is any reflection on their intelligence, Christina. I can’t comment on the Dallas Cowgirls, but that must be more of a full-time job surely.

  9. Thanks Sheona – for both the support and the link!

    Slightly off-point, but relevant (I think) was an interesting article I read last week from someone who was fed up with ‘activists’ who got offended on other people’s behalf… and asserted that the activists were the real Fascists who take the ‘high moral ground’ and silence anyone who has the temerity to disagree with them…

    … especially those on whose behalf they are getting so indignant!

  10. And thank you, Bearsy for your Romanus Latinus comment. ( JC and Cicero- a Borg and McEnroe combination, kinda)

    Benny Hill wasn’t my cup of MyT but the speeded up camera effect was ground breaking at the time. All those Hillies chasing Benny… oh no, I can’t stop humming the tune. Altogether now …dii dii dididi…

  11. To play the Devil’s advocate on behalf of the terminally offended, yes, free speech is absolutely essential – as long as you are saying what I want to hear and, yes, you must be emancipated, but only according to my credo and I will decide what constitutes emancipation, thank you very much.

    The problem with all self-obsessed metropolitan liberals, snowflakes, students and other assorted basement dwellers who type with their foreheads is that they have access to (anti)social media and therefore become convinced they are cutting edge opinion makers all of a sudden, yet cannot really comprehend they are merely arguing in the dark with a collection of pixels.


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