Oh I say!

After the ‘aitch-wars, High Society’s own magazine has advice for us on the words we should avoid using at any cost, don’t you know. So I trust all charioteers (the coolest of the cool) will heed their words. (Pity really, I’ve only just caught up with some of them and now they are verboten.)

Author: janus

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10 thoughts on “Oh I say!”

  1. Oh I say! I find myself achingly, effortlessly, properly, seriously, I mean basically in agreement with The Tatler.
    One has thought back in the day that most of the populace have a working vocabulary of no more than 4oo words and that’s being frightfully generous.
    Enough to make one curl up in one’s pile with one’s panties on one’s head don’t you think?
    And, don’t forget, enjoy!

    I you want an exercise in throat cutting just listen to Trumpetty Trump, if any more of this world is described as amazing and fantastic by the orange one, one wonders exactly which throat ought to be cut!!!

    Thank God one goes deaf in old age, no wonder the geriatrics turn off their hearing aids. Where are mine, now where did I leave them?

  2. I don’t give a (expletive deleted) what any others (not even She Who Must Be Obeyed) think I ought to do, say, wear, go, etc., in order to be considered “cool.” To me, the definition of “cool” should begin and end with being other than warm. I’m probably the least “trendy” person you’ll ever meet. Following a “trend” does little more than provide some slight comfort to the insecure, display the follower’s mental weakness, inflate the price of whatever is considered “trendy” at the moment and give me some minor irritation.

    Any wishing to escalate my irritation and risk my becoming even more than usually other than “cool” have only to try foisting their idiocy on me.

    P.S.: I may be an old pervert but have never even thought of wearing female undergarments on my head.

  3. Furthering on from uncool words the Tat should go the full Cog ( groan, taxi etc.) and exbishiate uncool gestures. One that gets my coat is the inverted commas gesture. More coffin than not it is used “out of context”.

  4. Ah yes, gestures: the last refuge of the inarticulate with associated grunts and whines. From the mwah-mwah kiss to the digital sign-off. They are but tribal dances.

  5. ‘Vibrant’ and ‘Resonate’ are two very overused words. The moment I hear them I know there is a good chance that the person uttering them is talking bollocks.

  6. Personally, I do not give a monkey’s what the Tatler thinks I should say. Having endured a working lifetime of management speak and playing Bullsh*t Bingo to relieve the tedium., I find any restriction on speech not worth the bother!!

    Just about to watch Wales/Scotland Six Nations game (on the telly. Pity the Tatler has not banned that!). Come on, Scotland. 🙂

  7. Never mind the ‘-ista (except for barista)’ metropolitan drivel. With absolutely no disrespect to the minimum wage, zero hours contract workers involved, it just demonstrates the shallowness of the Tat writer who needs to give such a title to someone who presses the buttons on the coffee machine in the local Starbucks (other purveyors of bad coffee are available). After picking up their polystyrene cup of branded dishwater, they should probably drop in to see what their burgerflipperista is recommending for McBreakfast this morning.

    Come to think of it, It’s nearly as pretentious as the DT’s travel and holiday section.


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