Why do we watch the same films time after time? You know the script, have the DVD, maybe the T-shirt if its a franchise, yet will still watch a multiple times watched movie if it is showing on TV. And laugh at the same funny scenes again (“That’s a really good ski mask!”) or shiver with excitement at the upcoming murder (“This is the bit where Fredo sleeps with the fishes).

Music. We’ll listen to the same old songs and tunes and hymns and instrumentals over and over. Honestly, I’m sick of that Robert Wagner Ring Cycle and would love to hurl those discs at Babe Ruth (if he were living, don’t know any other baseballers) for him to SWAT those clay pigeons all the way to Valhalla.

Then there’s books. Some of us will read a favourite book many times and salivate over certain quotes and passages – “Old Marsalla, he damn near blew the roof off.”, the map-quaking 30,000 word speech about the meta-ethical failings of altruism. Familiarity does not breed contempt, it fathers/mothers/adopters safeness. We’ll play it safe with the known and steer clear off Rumsfeldian unknowns. Its a big, bad universe out there.

No doubt, this blog will be read and re-read and read once more by Charioteers until Kingdom Come. Quite right. Play it safe.

One thought on “(R)”

  1. We have just refurbished our lounge and dining room. This involved clearing out a large, old and decrepit book case and numerous DVD and Blu-ray shelves and replacing them with really neat new shelving units. Naturally, as all the old shelves had been jam-packed and then some, there were more books and discs than shelf space available.

    After sending all my redundant media of one sort or another to the local charity shop, it was Mrs FEEG’s turn. After much dithering, she agreed to get rid of anything that had not been read or viewed for at least ten years (apart from a few sentimental books from her youth.)

    The new shelves are now full, but there are still a few boxes of hers yet to be dithered over in the spare room.

    I would be happy to put all my books onto Kindle in the Cloud, and stream any movies I would like to view. The point of all this is that it very difficult to throw away any item you like. This must also be why people like to look at the same items again and again, apart from the fact that you can often see detail in a second viewing or reading that you missed the first time.

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