The Infinite Wisdom of the Hun

Germany is the sort of country that, romantic notions aside, leaves the sane person scratching her or his head in shock/horror/bemusement/utter confusion. In the past I’ve given detailed accounts of why Germany is best left as a holiday destination if necessary, a lovely locale to be experienced in well-crafted coffee table books ideally.

The Federal Republic’s most recent effort of making a mockery of itself astounds even me. Vagrants will be fined be issued spot-fines for sleeping rough. I have some experience with social problems tied to vagrancy. Two years in San Francisco taught me more than I ever thought I could learn about it. So efforts, however flawed, to come to terms with it should be encouraged and welcomed. As usual, the Huns find a way to turn even well-intended and necessary steps into flagrantĀ  breaches of basic common sense.

People sleeping rough are usually there because they lack recourse to funds. How the intellectual heirs to the Gestapo and Stasi expect them to pay spot fines boggles the mind. Moreover, a large majority of vagrants suffer from mental health issues. Some are biological, some are the result of nervous breakdowns and some rose out of drug abuse and dependency. In some instances, people chose to drop out of society entirely. Unlike in the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia Germany has almost no degree of economic and social flexibility.

In the UK, if there’s a will, there’s a way. In most of the US, the chances of muddling through if one is willing to do what it takes are vastly greater than those against it. The same applies to Australia. In Germany, this does not exist. It’s 100pc or 0pc. For some, the type that would live in counter-culture cooperatives in the UK, US or Australia, Germany only offers them ruin. Many choose to take their chances on the street. One mustn’t be sympathetic to their ideology to at least respect their right to make their own way. Not in Germany.

So, the vulnerable, the mentally ill, those who couldn’t cope with the rigours of Hunnish life are to be crushed into dust. A connexion — however tenuous — with reality is eschewed in favour of pure ideology and dogma.



Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

9 thoughts on “The Infinite Wisdom of the Hun”

  1. But what happens Christopher, when a vagrant cannot pay the fine? Are they then taken into custody, which would be an imposed form of care, however unsatisfactory it may, be but still better than sleeping rough through the bitter German winter weather.

  2. The spot-fine idea makes one wonder what the authorities expect the vagrants to do. Pay or what? Hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.

  3. They would not actually be gaoled — at least not for the first offence. German law has a relatively high threshold before someone is actually gaoled, at least for any significant amount of time. Usually they would be given greater fines for not paying the fine before receiving suspended sentences.

    Eventually, they would be gaoled. This would make it even harder for them to function as they’d have criminal records. As usual, people will be destroyed utterly for the sake of some demented apparetchik’s idea of proper governance.

  4. It seems to me that the ‘ordinary’ (I use that word advisedly) person is increasingly helpless in the face of faceless, overweening bureaucracies. However, get yourself into that public ‘service’ (and I use that word advisedly too) and you have a job for life with little accountability and apparently no repercussions if you are incompetent, negligent or downright corrupt. Even (particularly?) in western Europe bureaucrats seem to have gone feral with all the incomprehensible rules and regulations they employ against the populace at every opportunity, acting like they are more pissed with power than acting helpfully to make life more amenable for Joe Public.


  5. Unfortunately here in DK the civil ‘servants’ at local and national level, numbering over half of the total workforce, regard the population at large at best as a nuisance, at worst as criminals.Tthe result is gross inefficiency.

  6. OZ: It’s the same in most of the world, sadly. In the past few decades bureaucracy has really run wild and no one has a clue any more. Even some officials will tacitly admit that they can’t keep up with the levels of bureaucracy and regulation that currently exist. NZ, Australia and Canada are really bad and the US is hardly light-touch. To his credit, Trump is at least putting a solid effort into combating bureaucratic excess.

    Janus: The Viking has some choice words about them. Viking Mum spent her entire life supporting the Socialdemokraterne but has recently become embittered with the breathtaking ineptitude of the Danish social state.

  7. Janus: I refer to Viking-type chum’s mum, not my own. My mum is a Hun much Americanised. She’s made her home in the USA much in the way that I’m making my home in the UK.

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