It’s that time of the year


I’ve mentioned before that the Danes are a precocious bunch, especially at this time of the year. Celebrations start on 23rd – known as ‘little Xmas Eve’ -and continue until after the noisy New Year bashes. Hence my bah-humbug picture.

But hey! (happy seasonal retort) Backside and I wish all you intrepid Charioteers the holidays you wish for – for yourselves and your families. Ding dong as merrily as you like, deck your halls and save a glass for poor old Santa!

And a Good Brexit in 2018!

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

10 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year”

  1. A very merry Christmas to you and yours, Janus, with thanks for all your posts.

    And compliments of the season to all Charioteers.

  2. The news from Hunland vis-a-vis the family is that it’s all going even more pear-shaped than it was when I left. Better the quietudes of my new life in Britain than that! The best present of all is that I’ve secured indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom. Viva Brexit, etc, etc.

  3. Christopher – It is said true contentment is having a loving, caring family – in another country.

    The NSW and I wish cherished colleagues all the very best for the festive season with health, wealth and happiness in 2018.

    Now bugger off and leave me in peace to decorate this sodding Christmas tree. Scrooge was a much maligned soul IMHO. Smiley thing, etc.


  4. Excellent news Christopher, very happy for you.

    Sometimes, small children, quite unknowingly and magically, manage to encapsulate what Christmas is really all about. My (just) five year old grandson arrived at the front door having just finished the last day of his first term at “big boys” school, clutching a calendar that he’d made to hang on the tree and brandishing a brightly wrapped parcel.

    “Look Grumpy” he shouted excitedly, “I got a present from my TEACHER”

    Having hurriedly divested himself of his coat and shoes in the hall, he rushed into the lounge, where, since his last visit, we had erected the Christmas tree
    “Rufas” he yelled to his brother who was still in the hall, “Rufas, quick, quick. Ganma’s got a kismas tree”

    Now, when I were a boy, nothing went up in the house until Christmas eve. No tree or twisted crepe paper chains, no holly or ivy, absolutely nothing but, in a concessionary nod to modern trends (and grandsons, if the truth be told) the tree in our house now goes up a week before the event. Next door, where they both live, it all seems to kick off about the first week in December. Trees have been up, decorated and surrounded by piles of brightly wrapped gifts for days and days and as we all congregate next door on Christmas day for the opening of presents, there seems to be a huge pile of them.

    Back to to our Christmas tree. The two boys stood there looking at the tree, then the five year old turned and looked up at me and handed me the calendar he’d made and the present given to him by his teacher saying
    “You haven’t got any presents under your tree Grumpy, you can have mine”
    That put a lump in my throat I can tell you.

    I wish you all on the Chariot a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year

  5. It is now Christmas Day evening.

    For some reason that I’m still trying to work out – I got the job of cooking Christmas Dinner – and,despite my reservations, it went well. Loads of help – which made it all so easy. Special thanks to Bearsy who always manages to reduce my chaos back to a working kitchen in between courses in record time.

    It’s been a magical day for me – courtesy of the very few members of family here in Oz and their partners.

    I hope that all of you have a magical day, too.

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