What’s wrong with England?

Well, generally speaking, not very much, in my opinion, except when it comes to Ashes cricket in Australia, at which we s*ck, as the Yanks say.

Now there are enough published pundits to explain why the management and players fall short of acceptable, so I won’t add to their wise post mortems. Because I don’t blame them – or Monsewer E. Macron for that matter(though he may excel at French cricket) – or even Stephen Fry – no, I blame the lonely* Geoffrey Boycott, self-confessed the greatest Yorkshire cricketer ever to deserve a knighthood. He manages single-handedly to destroy the self-esteem of England players whenever the Beeb gives him airtime. His performances on TMS compare only with Fred Trueman’s for self-importance.

So banish Boycott and allow the natural modesty of real cricket heroes to entertain us.

*quote by Mike  Brearley, psychologist and England captain, in 1979.

PS that Smith fella ain’t a bad batter though.


Author: janus

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3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with England?”

  1. .
    “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust . . .
    “If Starc don’t get you then Hazlewood must !!”

    Or Lyon, or Cummins, or Marsh or . . . 🙂

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