Tedium Descends Upon Europe

The date of the German federal election is quickly approaching. The country is in foment, voters are disenchanted and eager for a breath of fresh political air. The SPD have brought one of their two big beasts, Martin Schulz, back from Brussels to save the party from perhaps terminal electoral relegation. Germany’s general drift and failed asylum policies have raised the heckles of a generally servile populace. Time is ticking… And it’s the dampest squib. Schulz fell flat on his face when it became clear that he has no ideas and that he might not be remotely capable of running a country. Blathering on at Brussels is rather a different kettle of fish than being responsible for Europe’s largest economy.

Merkel, as is her wont, carefully set traps for her opposition without so much as batting an eye. She pilfered their best policy proposals, quietly dropped her most controversial and kept the electorate’s focus on the fact that the lights are still on and the trains are running — usually. The polling average indicates that Germany will return to a Christian Democrat/Free Democrat coalition with a workable majority. Oh well, at least there’s this:

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

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