Not Political

Politics have become like espresso. That is, unpalatable and something I can simply no longer stomach. I have been busy this week ensuring that political sites no longer show up on my profiles and I refuse to read anything but the weather forecast and currency exchange rates. I will go to the UK, Denmark and Sweden soon, after all. For lack of anything else to say, here is a video that is just as a-political.


Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

3 thoughts on “Not Political”

  1. I like the espresso simile. The levels of political uncertainty are unparalleled, certainly in the UK and the US of A – and therefore in Europe and Asia. I was pleased to see that the ‘chosen’ CEOs walked away from Trump’s inner circle love-ins, as a protest against his racism. But more positively, I was equally gladdened by Ms May’s response to the threat of Big Ben being silent for four years.

  2. The UK’s uncertainty is hardly unparalleled. Things are up in the air, but this is hardly the first time that our beloved Sceptred Isle has been in a state of political flux. I take heart in seeing that life continues to carry on. Britain will, no doubt, come together and bask in the warm glow of universal disappointment and anguish. Nothing brings as much peace to the cockles of the British heart as the grim realisation that no one will get what they want or anything near it. I refuse to acknowledge that there is anything between Canada and Mexico. It’s all a grand conspiracy, I tell you!

  3. Indeed. I recognise your characterisation of British resignation. Luckily the upper lip remains stiff as ever and the sang just as froid.

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