The ties have it

As a long-time tie-sporter, I invite you to spot every ‘tell’ revealed by the two bossmen’s neckwear.

The choice: Don’s says he’s the one. A faux-regimental or wannabe academic flourish? Vlad positively conservative.

The knot: A full Windsor each – the only way for any chief.

The length: Both afraid of a half-mast solution.

The tuck: Don letting it all hang out, Vlad avoiding any stray egg and soup.

The tie talk: Reticent smile vs. Brash bravado. Says it all.

Author: janus

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8 thoughts on “The ties have it”

  1. To be fair, Trump has had more success with Putin than his predecessor. Then again, the drover’s dog would be an improvement over that walking bible of catastrophes! Russians aren’t known for being the most expressive of people.

  2. I wonder whether Don has the capacity to hold a coherent diplomatic discussion with anyone except himself. He is the opposite of poker-faced – unlike Putin – and has one objective: to express his superiority. By contrast, Putin is the undisputed top man in his world who can play cat-and-mouse with the American.

  3. Janus: To understand Putin, you have to understand the socialist system. You never showed your hand and you never showed what you truly thought. The only leader of a Western country who can actually understand how he thinks and works is Merkel. That, quite frankly, is because she is a product of the same system. In any case, Putin has done rather well. Russia’s strategic aims have been met. They have control over Crimea. No one seriously believes that Ukraine will ever be able to claim that territory again. Ukraine has been revealed for what it really is — an unworkable, dysfunctional nightmare. It’s no great prize for anyone and both the US and EU have realised that throwing money at Ukraine is like throwing money into the loo. Sanctions have hurt Europe more than Russia. It’s a question of when, not if, they’re lifted.Stuff geopolitical principles, the loss of revenue is hurting struggling European economies.

    Trump is an NYC bully-boy. He’s used to getting his way by being the most obnoxious one in the room.

  4. OK, it has to be said. I always thought that the tie was a replacement for the 16th century codpiece, drawing the lady’s eye (and probably some Julian Clary types too) to a gentleman’s garden area. The wider, gaudier and longer the tie, etc…


  5. OZ, indeed! It was always a good sign when a lady gave one a tie as a gift! Not sure about the wider….etc. though. They are orfly à la mode, dontchya know?

  6. Displaying his diplomatic skill, Trump remarked that Macron’s wife was ‘in such good shape’, a phrase incapable of interpretation as appropriate.

  7. I wonder what odds the bookies are offering as to Trump being in office for the full term?
    One can think of at least half a dozen things which may well preclude such a ghastly event!
    Not including his choice of ties.
    Can one be ‘defrocked’ for one’s tie?

  8. Having seen the narcissistic love-in in France, I’m delighted that the expected Donvasion of Britain was postponed. Macron is winning the International Fellatio battle so far but I doubt whether the US will behave differently after Bastille Day 2017. Trump will still avoid Merkel and has no interest in any other EU country – other than the UK, of course, where he has his golf courses.

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