Ideas required

Having seen this headline, I started frothing at the mouth.

What I would like from fellow Charioteers are suggestions for adjectives to describe this bunch of scumbags – you know the ones I mean. Adjectives such as medieval are an insult to the Middle Ages, dinosaur-like, neanderthal and such are also insulting to the original objects described. “muslim” of course sums it all up, but we need some more.

7 thoughts on “Ideas required”

  1. Maybe I’m too old to reinvent these days, but fucking carpet munching wogs has been one’s good standby for 40 years. Seeing that they breed like flies, are obsessed with fiddling with their loin clothes and licking carpets it strikes me as pretty accurate.

  2. Very dignified, Janus. Christina, I like it and how accurate if not adjectival. I also like my French neighbour’s description of her ex-husband – “infecte” – which translates as “rotten, revolting, disgusting, repugnant” or “foul, rank, putrid” when applied to a smell. I think it’s the actual pronounciation that appeals to me in French.

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