10 thoughts on “Interesting Times”

  1. I understand that Trump’s visit to the UK has been postponed. Donald probably doesn’t like associating with losers ( aka Theresa May ) as some of it might rub off.

  2. Jazz: Trump doesn’t want to face a hostile crowd. Going to the UK would be a public relations disaster as Jezza and his unwashed hordes of sycophants would make sure to give him the rudest of receptions. Naturally, the likes of CNN and MSNBC would be keen on making the most of this to bash Trump over the head.

  3. Christopher: The left wing nutters in Hamburg did not seem all that friendly to the Donald and Co. at the G20. The difference is that the German Police know how to deal with them, water cannon, pepper spray et al.. I suspect that Theresa the Loser may regret having told Boris to lose his water cannons when he was still Mayor of London.

    Although many Europeans may not like Trump, being the rumbustious, rude fellow that he is,, I bet a large number of them agree with many of his ideas. That is why the Americans elected him.

  4. FEEG: At the Hamburg junket left-wing nutters were having a go at everyone. *Not* being targeted at G-7 and G-20 summits is tantamount to disgrace. A state visit focuses the attention on one person. The wife of the Polish president shook Melania Trump’s hand before she shook her husband’s. The US media have kicked up a tremendous fuss about that. Imagine what they’d do with large protests?

    Trump was elected for two reasons. The first is that he’s not Hillary. The second is that the “great and good” universally despised him. He was never especially popular outside his base. I am faintly amused by what’s starting to develop now. Trump is gradually figuring out that he’s now a politician. He’s not only a politician, but he’s both head of state and head of government in that queer American convention. He’s learning to scale back and focus his ambitions on what can be achieved with the least amount of political capital before focusing on other, more difficult matters. “His” party are holding him to account and are actually behaving somewhat responsibly. After all, lock-step unity rarely results in anything but tears. The opposition lost the plot years ago and are distancing themselves from it further. It’s rather similar to Labour. They, with the help of the self-defeating campaigner Mrs May, didn’t fare as badly as they had expected so they act like they’re the government. In the process, they’re turning off anyone who isn’t a student union Marxist or London luvvy.

  5. I know what PPE is I was just quoting the Daily Express. So either Corbyn Jr went Oxford or he’s got the Cambridge nearest equivalent Human Social & Political Science (HSPS) …..equally f”ing useless. I think there other universities that have PPE courses.

  6. Jazz, your description (f”ing useless) can I suppose be applied to all subjects devoted to brain work. The Express btw says Seb did ‘politics, political economy and international studies’, not PPE.

  7. I think that Jazz is of the school that believes in wealth creation rather than wealth erosion. Politics and various service industries of which the British are so proud, do not create wealth. They take the wealth created by others and disseminate it to the benefit of their practitioners.Politicians and their lawyers between them create or perhaps adulterate professions such as insurance, accountancy, banking, health and safety, medicine, education etc the majority of which add little value to the well being of society but merely serve to keep politicians in power and lawyers rich.

    “f’ing useless….applied to all subjects devoted to brain work.”
    I think the operative word there is ‘devoted’. Engineering requires a lot of brain work, but the brain, by itself, no matter how well developed, produces diddly squat. Mankind cannot survive on academia alone. In fact, academia can only survive because there are wealth creators around to take care of their physical needs.

    David Cameron studied PPE and we all know what an oxygen thief he is.

  8. Sipu, I imagine your chosen continent might benefit from greater access to the useless practice of medicine.

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