Please explain

At my advanced age, I reserve the right to shout, ‘Silly B*ggers!’, when I spot conspicuous consumption. It’s not puritanism or Uriah Heapishness on my part – I like a treat with the best of them – I just think they are deluded and daft.

This time it is the wedding of the sister of the wife of a Prince. The family is clearly extended and we hope not overstretched. They must be impressing somebody – but I suspect it’s only themselves.

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12 thoughts on “Please explain”

  1. Didn’t bother to read your link. Haven’t bothered to read any articles about this ‘event’. Nothing to do with ‘age’, advanced or otherwise… I find the whole idea of spending a fortune on a one-day event utterly ridiculous – especially with the divorce rate so high.

    I recall a wedding held at Woburn Abbey, with all the bells, bangles and stuff – that ended nine months later when the bride ran off with her 18 year old student… and a similar one here when the bride admitted that all she knew about her new hubbie was his performance between the sheets – and nothing else. Lasted less than six months.

    Was appalled when my grandson strapped himself up for an £11,000 wedding day, and wonders why he is still living in rented accommodation. Wonderful wedding, the best I have ever attended – but I’m very disappointed that, what I consider to be common sense, has not reached the third generation… but to be honest, it didn’t reach the second generation (his mother) either!

  2. My sentiments entirely. Interestingly (for me anyway) is that my youngest, now happily ensconced with fella and two lovely children is not doing it and for much the same reasons.

  3. I have offered daughter two bus tickets to Gretna Green. Will save a tremendous amount of energy and expense.

  4. I see the green eyed monster lurking.

    If you have the money why not spend it? Its not as if they cannot afford it. If everybody had that parsimonious out look there would be no race horses, yachts, wine estates, Ferraris, diamond rings, Savile Row suits, Veuve Clicquot, Mouton Rothschild, Savoy, fois gras, Fat Duck, Jimmy Choo, St Moritz, opera, and Chelsea would not be a prime location but merely a run of the mill football team? None are necessary and all expensive compared to perfectly decent alternatives.

    It would be another story if they had to borrow money to pay for it. Besides, Hello Magazine will probably cover the costs and that will satisfy the have-nots and do-nothings.

  5. I think it plain vulgarity and lack of class.
    Why on earth should one want to impress anyone?
    Completely beyond me.
    If you have such resources to waste make a decent contribution to a charity of your choice and accept cheques for a charity as wedding presents. Most people already have everything anyway especially if they are older.
    Several times in my life I have taken one look at the invitation and politely declined as to being ‘previously engaged’.
    Weddings are incredibly boring compared with a good funeral which tend to be excellent entertainments, well at least they are in Wales! The last wedding I went to, I slipped away between the daytime bit and the evening do.
    More than had enough of the self aggrandisement. Got into big trouble with that from the mother of the bride,

    I rather expect the sister of the Princess is trying to outdo her sister, which is technically impossible anyway without Westminster Abbey.

  6. PS I always thought those trees plonked in Westminster Abbey looked utterly ridiculous and put it down to an error of taste on behalf of the brides family!
    Do you remember that Tv series of places after the humans went? Where trees and monkeys were climbing tower blocks etc? Somewhat reminiscent.

  7. Sipu, you deserve an invitation….🤓

    PS if you knew me you would know that envy ain’t one of my many deadly sins!

  8. Nor mine. Probably the only source of envy could be the possession of a greenhouse, jelly mould Kew style.
    Not, I think, the usual acquisition of the fabulously wealthy, they are generally too stupid to like plants.
    Mind you, if they only knew that one gets a far better conversation with plants than their usual vacuous arm candy!
    Lets not tell them, they might want to steal some of my rarer species!

  9. It would have been very impressive if the new bride and groom respected the qualities of modesty and thrift. What, after all, do they have to prove?

  10. Nothing to anyone else but a lot to themselves. It is the modern curse. personal insecurity in their own intrinsic value. Perhaps if they concerned themselves more with others and indulged in less introspection, navel gazing, friending and selfies they would be a lot better humans all round.
    God preserve one from the snowflakery!

  11. No envy in my comment either. I’ve had three great weddings – none of which cost a fortune, and were, generally, stress free… and, apparently, enjoyed by all.

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