Listen up, Charioteers

Pin back thy lugs and faites attention!

Posting entire articles from other sources is not what the Chariot is here for.   Posting short extracts, piccies or videos to support your observations is fine, providing they are clearly marked as such in one way or another.   Ordinary [hyper-] links are often a better way of providing background context.

WordPress is full of tools and advice that help you accomplish all these things, and more, very simply.   Go find!

Please, please do not copy and paste HTML if you don’t know what you’re doing.   It’s not difficult to learn, but I’m getting fed up with correcting mistakes which ruin the appearance of the Chariot.

If you can’t publish good-looking, original posts which fit in with the Chariot’s style, do a bit of rapid learning, or stop posting.   Future messes will not be corrected, but will be zapped.   Authorship privileges can be rescinded …

It’s nice to have enthusiastic contributors with interesting thoughts, but I’m getting to be too old to go around picking your toys up and putting them back in the cupboard.

Thanks – class dismissed.

13 thoughts on “Listen up, Charioteers”

  1. G’day, Bearsy, It needed to be said, in my opinion.

    Sorry I’ve not been contributing for quite a while. Terribly busy trying to stop the SNP destroying my country. But, I have tales to tell and hope to find time to fulminate thereanent* (within the ‘good-looking, original posts’ criterion) in the near future.

    * Note to Spellcheck. Absolutely nothing wrong with ‘thereanent’. Perfectly acceptable Scots usage, Google it if you want.

  2. Yes, thank you. I must admit i thought the point of this site was to air our own opinions not parrot those of others.

  3. JM, you have thereanented quite often in the past 10 years, innit? Do give us your take on the ‘state’ of Caledonian as 8th June approaches.

    Bearsy, thanks for this clarification. Bats will be taken home to the belfry, I’m sure.

  4. Jazz – calm down. Are you aware that your last post was one HUGE hyperlink? Now sorted.

  5. JM, I look forward to hearing about your sterling work in Scotland. As soon as the SNP lost its overall majority in the Scottish parliament, I had a hopeful feeling that the rot was setting in.

  6. I would like to point out that my last post was done using the WordPress editor. It isn’t my fault if it gums up the works. I’m aware of the HTML link code which I use from time to time in comments.

  7. Not at all, Janus – that’s fine, as long as there are also a few words to tell us what it links to, and why you think we should read it. Or sommat like that. 🙂

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