Labour Pains

Labour have imploded, the Limp Dims have lost more ground, the SNP have lost seats despite Labour’s travails. Only the Tories have had a good local election, gaining 164 council seats in Jockland. Meanwhile, in England, Labour have fared worse than Alex Salmond at a marathon. The Limp Dims continue their decline. UKIP have all but disappeared. Oh yes, a very satisfactory local election indeed. Let’s hope that the Delightful Mrs May continues her winning streak next month.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

4 thoughts on “Labour Pains”

  1. Absolutely, Gazoopi, absolutely! There are some Labour MPs I respect — Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey, etc. But there are many others, Teddy Millipede, Dianne Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, etc. I can’t abide. The Limp Dims are dreary and dismal, UKIP have served their purpose and it would be better for them to refrain from elections unless the Tories make a dog’s breakfast out of Brexit.

  2. Should we be careful what we wish for? As always. Let’s depend on Ms May’s pragmatism and hope the Great British Public appreciate her on 8th June.

  3. Janus: I think the EU is making Ms May’s job easier. By being so recalcitrant, petulant even, they’re allowing her to get away with even the worst approaches.

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