8 thoughts on “For Oz”

  1. Now, now, Skippy! I wondered if you were also alluding to the fact (?) that three of said wolvine beasts pulled a chariot across the skies? 🙂

  2. Thank you for the thought, Christopher. Most kind. I am always available to challenge any negative perception of wolves with such modern-day serious stuff like the ‘lone wolf’ head-banging terrorist, the fabled ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ and the like and don’t even mention the Brothers Grimm, a right pair of headline-grabbing Teutonic bar stewards if you ask me.

    You have reminded me to delve more deeply into the the role of the wolf in Norse mythology. Oddly enough, but true, back in the UK many moons ago we had a feisty German Shepherd puppy which A Zangada and I named Odin and a great dog he proved to be.

    Meanwhile here is a bit of YouTube I used years ago when leaving MyT for The Chariot

    just to show we are not as sometimes portrayed.


  3. I’m not particularly fond of The Wheel of Time, but that Phil Collins video puts me in mind of one small sub-plot in which Perrin Aybara – a wolfbrother – runs with his pack in the dreamworld. If you like wolves and fantasy, it’s worth a read – if you can find it, that is. 🙂

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