Tartan Knickers in a Twist

As soon as this evening the Lords might accept the inevitable and send the Government’s Brexit Bill to Her Maj for the royal assent. Which is a good thing. For the next two years the British government, the governments of European states and the EU will have to hammer out the details of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union — uncharted waters.

So what does Wee Jimmy Krankie think is a perfectly sensible thing to do? Demand that Westminster give her a second vote on Scottish “independence” — at a time when British, European and EU pollies will be feverishly working on tidying up the details of Britain’s liberation. It is unlikely that Westminster will refuse a second vote despite the SNP’s blatant violation of the Edinburgh Agreement. It is not, however, likely to be quite as charitable as it was last time. After all, Cameron allowed Alex Salmond to choose the time and wording of the referendum question.

The Caviar Queen’s actions are unlikely to be well-received on the Continent. Spain has is own Catalan quandary. There are more — and louder — rumblings of discontent in Corsica and even Bavaria. As Europe is desperately attempting to hold some semblance of order, a petulant political fit is as welcome as a drag queen in an Iranian mosque.

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Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

23 thoughts on “Tartan Knickers in a Twist”

  1. Of course. The reality is that a seceding state rarely comes out of the proceedings looking good. Sicily lost more than it gained when it split from Naples, Ireland gained its independence but found itself in the worst possible situation. The reactionary Church took complete control of the government and Irish institutions while the country remained utterly dependent on the UK — without any ability to influence political trends. The only reason why Pakistan hasn’t yet imploded is that Muslims were well-represented in the Raj’s military and could use that to maintain something that could charitably be called cohesion. Scotland would leave the UK without the benefit of the Barnett Formula, a massive budget deficit, at very best no influence over its currency — at worst a post-modern Pound Scots and the need to build diplomatic relations at incredible expense.

  2. Nor is the EU exactly keen on admitting a member state that makes Greece look like a poster-child of fiscal rectitude. The Caviar Queen backed herself into a corner and she has little choice but to follow through. I will not claim to understand Scotland. To paraphrase John Julius Norwich, It is an enigma of such complexity that hardly a man who isn’t Scots can hope to grasp its nuances and contradictions. But it seems as if she’s badly overplayed her hand already and might well face a wrathful populace.

  3. Ms may has now told her that IF there’s an indyref2 it will be after the completion of BREXIT negotiations, allegedly.

  4. Ms ay has now told her that IF there’s an indyref2 it will be after the completion of BREXIT negotiations, allegedly.

  5. Janus: Your comment was good enough to be made twice. Westminster aren’t going to give the Toxic Dwarf everything she wants. It will be fun to watch her fumble, stumble and look impotent.

  6. I know this set of figures is from the Guardian, but there still may be a modicum of truth in them…….

    “Defence is a big employer in Scotland. According to the quarterly location statistics for April 2014, published by the Ministry of Defence, there were 14,510 MoD personnel based in Scotland, 7.5% of the UK’s total, of whom 10,600 were military (4,210 navy; 3,690 army; 2,700 air force) and 3,910 civilian. The MoD says that by 2020 the number of personnel in Scotland is due to increase to 12,500 (8.8% of the UK total), though overall numbers across the UK are decreasing.

    The Clyde naval base at Argyll and Bute – which also includes a large separate high-security nuclear warhead facility at Coulport nearby – is Scotland’s biggest employment site, according to the MoD. Currently around £140m a year is spent on Scotland’s defence estate, which includes Clyde as well as military sites in Leuchars, Kinloss, Lossiemouth, Fort George, Royal Marines Condor near Arbroath, and the Hebrides Range.”

    The Crankie has already declared that Scotland would become a nuclear free zone if it becomes independent, so what are all these highly skilled people going to do, stay in their newly “freed” country while living on unemployment benefits and with no hope of future employment or are they going to head south with their jobs? Ummmm……difficult one innit?

  7. I feel very sorry for those Scots who, like Ruth Davidson, voted to remain part of the UK and have had their “Remain in the EU” vote hijacked by Surgeon.

  8. All my Scots relatives voted to remain. Not because they wanted to but because they knew that Sturgeon would use a Brexit victory as an excuse for another Scottish Independence Referendum (something they really didn’t want). Which is exactly what has happened.
    So it’s probable that much of the Scottish remain vote was really about keeping Scotland as part of the Union.

  9. Greetings from the last Jock Charioteer standing – I miss JW big time.

    Moving on, we are definately (Weegie usage) living in interesting times.

    Christopher, concise and logical as ever! I fear, however, that you might be wrong. I do not trust the EU to stick to their rules if they scent any possibility of weakening the effects of Brexit by being nice to Sturgeon and her Separatists. I worry that there are some Eurocrats who would be perfectly happy to encourage the diminution of the UK that could ensue.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I voted No in 2014 because my nation was a full partner in a free market and a democratic political union that had endured for over 300 years. Both my head and my heart were totally engaged in my vote.

    In June last year, my heart was not in it but my head cast my vote for Remain. I knew the EU was a mess but thought it might be mended and was still. on balance, not a bad idea. I lost that vote, I accept that decision and will support my country as it Brexits.

    Nicola has now fired the gun on IndyRef2. Big mistake, in my opinion. I am confident that a majority of Scots who are asked to choose between the EU and the UK will choose the latter and prefer a British future to subservience to Brussels.

  10. Scots enjoy more freedom now as citizens of the Union than they would as citizens of an ‘independent’ Scotland in the EU. I hope most of them realise that.

    John: I think you’re right in saying that Eurocrats would encourage Scottish independence just to diminish the Union. It will be interesting to see how they play this during the negotiations.

    IMHO Nicola Sturgeon is an evil little bitch and the SNP MPs at Westminster a bunch of traitorous Marxists who would sell their country out for the sake of their twisted ideology.

  11. Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t her policy likely to lead to NO UNION, NO NATO and NO EU? Now that’s what I call independence – otherwise known as outer darkness.

  12. The SNP seem to be pinning their hopes on the EU where they hope their fellow Marxists will bail them out. It’s a pretty long shot and if it fails outer darkness certainly beckons.
    To a large extent Sturgeon and her party are driven by anglophobia, logic doesn’t come into it.

    Theresa May shouldn’t waste time or energy being polite to Sturgeon, her best bet is to totally ignore the SNP. After all it isn’t in the Scottish Parliament’s remit to call a referendum, not that that they for one second want one, all they seek to do is to keep the notion alive whilst chucking spanners into the works at every opportunity.

  13. I see that Madam has now declared that she won’t be joining the EU after independence – it seems as though the message from the EU has finally got through.

    Surely this removes her sole reason for demanding another referendum so soon. This really makes it quite clear that all she is after is another referendum.

    Incidentally for those that don’t know there is a petition on rejecting Indyref2:

    “We in Scotland are fed up of persecution by the SNP leader who is solely intent on getting independence at any cost. As a result, Scotland is suffering hugely.”

    It stood at around 73,000 when I looked at it about 12 hours ago – it is now just over 100,000 and rising.


    and since I wrote that over another 1,000 people have signed…

  14. Unfortunately the meeja maniacs love people like her. That’s why we read so much about her, not because she has anything important to say.

  15. JM: I do not doubt that there will be “some” voices from the EU encouraging the Caviar Queen and her Merry Band of Eejits. Some will be from Belgium,some from France, some from Luxembourg and some from Germany. I expect that there will be quite some squealing from Ireland as well — the talk of a federation of Celtic nations which would include a reunified Ireland, Scotland and Wales if “the Welsh regained their senses”. The EU powers that be would naturally not take a very vocal stand on this — nor would most national leaders — but quietly, they’d encourage them behind the scenes. In reality this would be an effort to undermine the UK politically, to distract the government’s attention and attempt to force it to accept an inferior deal. Should Scotland actually vote to leave the UK, they’d find that these sweet words and promises would be empty and they’d face the same brutal machinery that crushed Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus into submission.

    Boadicea: I was heartened to see that the large concentration of signatures was in Scotland — including Glasgow!

  16. Christopher, it may be that after the various elections in EU member states this year the EU will have enough to worry about rather than Sturgeon.

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