13 thoughts on “Excuse me?”

  1. Te he he. I’ve heard some delicate comments from Scotland about these two darlings. I’ve also been reliably informed that this time, the “naw” campaign are smarter, wiser and better organised.

  2. I wonder, if the electorate reject the opportunity to leave the Union, will the wee crankie stand down? After all, she will have proved beyond any reasoable doubt that she doesn’t know the road that the majority of Scots wish to follow.

  3. I am not sure Scotland has a future, at least until they get rid of the piscine pair!

  4. I take your point Janus, but whether May will be able to refuse a referendum for ever, without appearing to give credence to the SNP’s cry of “government by Westminster is anti Scots ” will be difficult. I suspect she will give in eventually, probably after brexit has all but concluded.

  5. Greetings from the Front Line.

    This is your Charioteer correspondent, firmly embedded with the Union forces and looking out towards the campsites of the Secessionists as they nurse the flickering embers of the IndyRef2 fire by stoking it with yet more false grievances.

    It’s too early to say how the PM’s principled and sensible refusal to play the SNP’s game will pan out but I am hopeful.

    The stakes are high and we are in for an interesting four years. I’m going to wait until after the SNP conference this weekend before I comment further.

    But, just to keep you up to date, the petition against an IndyRef2 is presently at over 167,000 and rising.


    To put that in perspective, the Green MSP’s who are going to vote for the SNP in Holyrood next week and thus will give them a majority for the referendum request were elected last year by a total of 150,426 voters.

    They also stood on a manifesto of only asking for another referendum if 1,000,000 Scots signed a petition asking for one.

  6. It must be uncomfortable, JM, to watch so many of your countryfolk still demanding independence when it can only lead to financial and political disaster.

  7. Greetings from Oz, JM!

    I trust you are keeping your head low and are managing to avoid the missiles of the Secessionists.

    Personally, I think May’s latest is quite reasonable: wait to see what’s on offer after Brexit and come back with a mandate after another election …

    But I would think that, wouldn’t I? So far I haven’t read one argument based on fact or reason from those who support Sturgeon. I read a couple of UK papers, but what I am most interested in are the comments from the public. So far the “Oh deliver us from this woman” comments outweigh the “Oh deliver us from the tyranny of England” by about 4:1. Unfortunately the latter are in power in Scotland.

    I look forward to your report after the SNP Conference.

  8. In the department of be-careful-what-you-wish-for, she has now invited Bremainers to move to Scotland!! I can think of several names she’s welcome to.

  9. A poll of Scottish residents published by Sky News today:

    Theresa May: good 48%, bad 47%
    Jeremy Corbyn: good 16%, bad 77%
    Nicola Sturgeon: good 42%, bad 54%
    Kezia Dugdale: good 36%, bad 50%
    Ruth Davidson: good 53%, bad 36%

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