Donald, where’s your troosers?


Let the wind blow high
Let the wind blow low
Through the streets
In my kilt, I’ll go
All the lassies say hello
Donald, where’s your troosers

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

6 thoughts on “Donald, where’s your troosers?”

  1. May you be forgiven, Janus.

    Fobbing us all with photo-shopped images? Have you no shame?

    That is clearly not a MacLeod tartan kilt. Particularly not a MacLeod of Lewis kilt. As we all know, that is the tartan which the boy Donald is entitled to wear.

    I googled and found that the original image was of the SNP devotee (in absentia) Sir Sean.

    Not sure it’s a tartan at all. At all.

    Moving on, jazz, awa’ and bile yer heid! Andy Stewart, Moira Anderson and Jimmy Shand will rule for ever!

    And we’ll also always have Kenneth McKellar.

  2. Jimmy Shand eh ! As I recall his music was well suited to the eight track stereo cartridge, particularly when the tape got a bit stretched. That bit of wow and flutter added something.

  3. JM, thank you for your inside spin on the cloth, but I struggled to find a genuine snap of the man in his own plaid. Have I no shame? Very little when Trump’s the topic! The true clan tartan seems to be yellow and black, probably not flattering fashionwise.

  4. Could be worse. It could be “Hillary, where’s your troosers” !

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