11 thoughts on “Baaa humbug”

  1. They tend to ebb and flow in quantity according to the market price of fat stock.
    The people mostly are spread along the North and south coasts, there is wonderfully bugger all except wild life, sheep and forests in the middle section. Fortunately very few people go there either.

  2. Odd how some blogs bring back memories!

    Some years ago, Bearsy and I drove from Canberra to Darwin… took us 10 days because we didn’t want to hurry, and we took a side trip of some 500+ km to see what was, then, still known as Ayers Rock.

    One of the places we stopped at had a sign which read: “Human population 30, sheep population 3000”.

    The scarcity of human workers might well be the reason that we got our starters immediately, and were still awaiting the main course after we had finished the first bottle of wine…

    … we were half way through the complimentary second bottle when Bearsy noticed that a woman had just left the kitchen, thrown her apron on the floor and trounced out the door…

    … the waitress, finally, acknowledged that the cook had just stormed out…

    … I have a feeling (although I could be wrong!) that we were some way through the third bottle (I wasn’t in a position to know whether that was complimentary or not) when the mains arrived…

    … it was still half-frozen and utterly, utterly inedible…

    … by that time, we didn’t care.

    Perhaps we should have ordered lamb or mutton!

  3. Nice memory, Boa. Christina will attest to excellent cuisine in Welsh Wales, I’m sure. But you can’t travel in a straight line for ten days there. As my old Dutch friend used to say, when you arrive in Holland, pay attention or you’ll miss it.

  4. Mrs. O. The beautiful, wild mid-Wales counties are called (by the English) a “Less favored area”.

    The low population count may be due in part to the vigorous burning of hafods in the mid seventies.

  5. True LW there are very few English second homes these days in Wales. There are plenty of refugees from England, especially in Cardiganshire for some odd reason, but they are all permanent residents at least for a few years!
    Most of wild mid Wales is just isolated farmsteads miles from their neighbours you have to be pretty tough to live out there and Welsh speaking plus ambulances can’t find you!

  6. Why would anybody want a second home where the natives are hostile, the local towns dying and the property prices risible? Just askin’…..

  7. No wogs! (Of course to the Welsh THEY are the wogs but it was better to burn them out rather than say so!!!) Actually no one has burnt anything for years. But I do notice they segregate themselves in the pubs. The real locals will use one and the immigrant english another and ne’re the twain do meet.

    You should see Cardigan, all shops occupied, busy, lots of people, we couldn’t believe our eyes, Most of the shops selling twee crap but doing business! The English have more money than sense.

    Unfortunately the Balkan contingent have discovered Wales and can be pretty bad news, so it’s; ‘load for bear’ as usual!

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