13 thoughts on “BBC Impartiality, Peter Hitchens”

  1. Seriously though, editorial control allows conflicting points of view to be aired. The Beeb has a huge mandate which is bound to upset clever dicks like Hitchens now and then.

  2. Peter Hitchens is quite right. The BBC has an inbuilt left wing bias if you haven’t noticed that then you’re not paying attention.

  3. But undeterred, may I point out PH said this 5 years ago. His opinion may mot have changed (no surprise there) but the issues the Beeb reports on certainly have. But I suppose once you guys make up your minds…..

  4. I’m very fond of the BBC and they have an impossible task. They are forever being accused of having a left-wing bias by the right, but Harold Wilson’s relationship with the BBC was a bit stormy. They tend to be slightly anti-government as a rule in my opinion. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.

  5. “…..I’m very fond of the BBC and they have an impossible task……

    Yes they do. Trying to educate us in the righteousness of neo liberalism must be like teaching a pig to dance….etc etc.

  6. Jazz, the Beeb employs journalists with something to say. Have ever watched Hard Talk? There is nothing to support your prejudice.

  7. I’m with Jazz on this one. Not that I watch too many of the sort of discussions that Hitchins is complaining about – since we only get the best of BBC drama here and on pay-TV.

    Such programs seems to be in increasingly scarce supply. Not surprising since I failed to find one free-to-air program to watch with my mother in the last four weeks in the UK. The BBC programs were absolute rubbish, and clearly designed to spend the least amount of money possible. Questions need to be asked about just what Auntie is doing with its licence fees and the monies it earns from selling its former, excellent programs around the world.

    Moreover, when a publicly funded corporation advertises positions that only people from “Black, Asian and non-white minority ethnic backgrounds” can apply for – I think serious questions need to be asked. This is a clear case of discrimination and the BBC should be brought to task – as would any employer who advertised for an ‘indigenous, white English/ Scots/ Irish or Welsh person.

    Yes, the BBC has a difficult task – but, unfortunately, it is a very closed environment and it seems to be the general impression that one can’t get in if your face (political stance) does not fit.

    The BBC should, like Caesar’s wife, be above suspicion – and it is, clearly not.

  8. Boa, your second last para is rather sententious, not to say unproven. Can you imagine the uproar if the Beeb were suspected of employing right-wing commentators?

  9. Boadicea.

    Regarding your third paragraph about advertising positions for non-white ethnic minorities, there was a huge outcry. But in fact it is not usual policy nor would it be legal. In this case, it was completely allowable under the Equality Act because the vacancies were two training positions apparently in a field where ethnic minorities were under represented.

    Spookilly, I have read somewhere that the percentage of ethnic minorities employed by the BBC is the same as the percentage of the same group of the population of the UK!

    One does suspect a bit of social engineering may be involved.

  10. Fortunately, with the internet, information monopolies are coming to an end. We can see it already\ … those frustrated with propagandist news outlets are finding other sources.

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