5 thoughts on “What’s the world coming to, eh?”

  1. Reblogged this on TIERRA LIMPIA by Charles Lincoln and commented:
    Brilliant Camille speaks out against the milquetoast Ivy League Elite, the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the American people, and why Hillary is the worst choice for President.

  2. Hi CEL III. I would love to see some college profs’ respond to her. About all you’d get, probably, would be: “But, but, but ….” –

  3. This lady is dead right.

    There is virtually no international news available on TV in the USA apart from public TV. Which tend to be bleeding heart African continent stories.

    Sometimes one wonders if this is a circular conspiracy of silence. The public need not be discommoded from their comforting insular cocoon and the media need not bother to spend the money on reporters etc.

    None of this is helped by the woefully low standard of teaching of history and geography. Nobody here knows what happened anywhere before the Pilgrim Fathers appeared, where from or why! Nobody knows where any country is on the map, let alone what goes on there! (Plymouth being some mystical place, out there.)

    Such a background aids and abets the comforting fantasy lived out by the snowflake generation in ‘their safe place’ syndrome, most of them could not think their way out of a wet paper bag let alone formulate any type of plan of action excerpt running and hiding! it has become mandatory to be PC in polite society. To differ is akin to defecation in the streets!

    As and when the shit hits the fan, as it will, as it always does in our world, the only thing that will hold this place together is draconian autocratic rule. Curious really, as a non religious believer, one gets to see the world situation getting closer and closer to Revelations, somewhat discommoding!!

    As someone who has no progeny except three elderly dogs I can afford to be amused, perhaps not so if I had grandchildren. I would make damn sure they were taught survival skills. I suspect they are going to need them in the not too distant future.

    It appears to be no better in the UK either. Gormles, self entitled, narcississtic ignorant brats obsessed with selfies and pictures of their lunch! What a world, gun fodder in the making if ever I saw it.

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