That’s the spirit!

Rio 2016 is not the last word in organisation or commercial savvy – thank goodness! What I’m enjoying is a feeling that the local volunteers and the Olympians are in it together, win or lose. Perhaps the best example is the golf competition. Pooh-poohed by many of the famous pros as small beer, beneath their notice, OL golf has proved to be a crowd-puller, with the skills we all admire but none of the big-money shenanigans. In fact show-boating by the big names in sport has been absent from most of the events I have seen, both on and off the running track. Even the Yanks are subdued. But the performances in general are superb, with hundreds of new, young talents coming to the fore.

So well done, Rio!

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

22 thoughts on “That’s the spirit!”

  1. Hi Janus, despite the hitches, it has been great viewing. As I may have mentioned, I rarely watch television but I have been glued to the set since it started.

    I have to confess, I haven’t watched the golf though. According to the press we are winning too many medals and aspersions are being cast! I think Team GB have done a brilliant job.

  2. It’s the Frogs and Krauts whingeing about GB’s cycling medals. Why don’t they make direct accusations if they know something? Put up or shut up! Btw the track cycling was ace! 😎

  3. One Aussie cyclist who came in tenth place had the cheek to cast aspersions on British cyclists. I wonder what she said about all the others who beat her.

  4. Hmm – it seems that our quota of medals has cost us $16m for each gold… Frankly, I think the whole thing a waste of time and a waste of money. But then, I’ve said all this before!

  5. Boa, your measuring stick is a touch unreal, as I’m sure you realise. National pride and pleasure have been enhanced beyond measure, as Bearsy will probably understand.

  6. I’ve made an assiduous point of avoiding the whole thing as usual!
    They should all go and get a proper job! Bo is quite right.
    Should have spent the money deporting wogs.

  7. At the risk of disagreeing with CO, 😱 , in terms of jobs the lottery funds and the sponsorships together create tens of thousands of jobs. The athletes are the tip of the iceberg and in my book deserve all the accolades for their efforts. One of its best social aspects is that it is ‘equal opportunity’, at least in the UK. I suspect rich fratboy swimmers from the US who misbehave in foreign parts are not representative of the majority.

  8. Hi all

    Well, now that I have managed to spring Christopher from durance vile in Weegieland and whisked him to the safety, security and sophistication that is Embra, I have to tell you that the downside for him is that he is having to watch me watching the last night of the Olympics including, hopefully, our final Gold medal of Rio.

    Even if it is only a silver, it is now certain that we will finish above China in the medal table. I share the ‘national pride and pleasure’ boost of Janus, particularly given the grief and distress that British success is doling out to the Nats.

    Boadicea, the medals would not have cost you a penny unless you are a regular contributor to the National Lottery which, of course, you can not be since you are not resident in the UK.

    I am happy for the money that people choose to lob at the lottery to be used for sport and all the other good causes. The important word for me is choice. Their choice and not that of the government. God bless Sir John Major, creator of the National Lottery.

    Christopher sends greetings and Dougal McDog (Christopher’s coining) sends woofs.

    Regretfully, Mrs M agrees with Boadicea and CO. but nobody is perfect.

  9. John – I certainly don’t contribute to the UK Lottery – and I’m delighted to know that the UK’s collection of medals are funded from those who gamble!

    However, when I talk about ‘our quota’ of gold medals costing $16m apiece – I am talking about Australia’s winnings. With a very small population – who are always being told we can’t afford “this, that or something else” – I do begrudge the high cost of Olympic medals.

  10. How’s about launching an international lottery designed for sports enthusiasts to invest in (gamble on?) the ‘lympics? I know Aussies love a punt….

  11. The lottery has been described as a ‘tax on the stupid’. I wouldn’t go quite that far but $16m per medal is a bit steep, there are better things to spend the money on.
    When the National Lottery first started some huge sum went to the Royal Opera, The %age of people in Britain who go to the opera let alone the Royal Opera is miniscule.
    I would dole out lottery cash to small local enterprises, not enough to make them complacent but enough to encourage them. It might also be a good idea to give burseries to students studying ‘STEM’ subjects.

  12. The idea of an international lottery for sports enthusiasts sounds great – I’m inclined to agree with the idea that the Lottery is a ‘tax on the stupid’, but at least the money goes into a ‘National’ fund to be dished out for ‘worthy causes’.
    But there again, who determines what are ‘worthy causes’? I suspect that some of the things I think should be supported might be deemed worthless by others.

  13. What a pathetic article! If India is to be the example for the rest of the world to follow, God help us.

  14. Jazz, so have I.

    Sheona, the anti-Olympics crowd remind me of the Bleavers. They have a lost cause but keep whingeing.

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