American vignettes

It’s now official, God help us. These two should be on Comedy Central and not C-Span.

Hill Liar: Compulsive liar. All the big lies are in the public domain but there’s a lot of little ones as well lurking in the atmosphere. It was the late Christopher Hitchens that wrote about the meeting of the two famous Hillarys in Asia in 1985. Mrs Clinton claimed she was named after the mountaineer. It was only later that the truth came out. Clinton was born in 1947, six years before Edmund scaled the summit. All those lies, big and small, have led HC to touching distance of the ultimate peak.

Vladimirump: Compulsive thief. Anne Applebaum and the chess expert turned astute political analyst, Garry Kasparov are just two to have written that Trump is a pawn of Putin. It is a big story in Washington at the moment. Donald’s extensive business interests in the Motherland are reason enough for him to not go to war if Russia invades the Baltics. For Commander in Chief Trump the NATO pact is not worth a rouble. Luckily for Donald there is no HUAC to grill him about his Siberian links only an Azeri Grandmaster.

With the choice being between Scylla and Charybdis expect a low turn out on polling day as voters won’t know where to turn. As Kissinger said “It’s a pity they can’t both lose.” Maybe, they can. Is there an honest, hard-working, clean-cut, intelligent Independent candidate out there that could upset the apple cart? Could the 45th POTUS be a dark horse elected by tactical voting?

12 thoughts on “American vignettes”

  1. Who is moral enough and rich enough to bother? He (no, not she) will have to be a WASP, a god-fearing gun toter, a serial monogamist, a proud father and a six footer. If such a perfect specimen exists he’s probably got better things to do with his time.

  2. Most of us have better things to do with our time than get involved with politics.

  3. Occasionally you have to step up and the referendum was a once in a blue moon chance to stick it to the establishment.

  4. I really feel for the poor Septics. What a choice they have for POTUS. A shrieking, incompetent and, quite possibly corrupt, harpie or a ranting, raving buffoon. At least one of the UK alternatives appears moderately sane although the other one is possibly the most evil of all four!

  5. The bought and paid for press are doing their very best to ensure a HIllary victory. They cannot do this based on the issues of 1. Trade deals 2. Border security 3 Immigration 4. foreign interventions. Is Trump a blow hard, egocentric so and so. Yes. Oh, well. I don’t know, maybe that is what it takes to take down the ‘Masters of the Universe. And to say there will be a very low turnout … is indicative of the fact that people are not getting a true picture of what is going on. By far … Trump has received the most votes like evs in a Republican primary.

  6. Aed, from where I sit the US looks like a right-of-centre state, with inadequate welfare, disrespected judiciary and widespread corruption. Money and guns. Violence and the death penalty. Vast military industry. So Trump is exactly what the People crave.

  7. Janus: The US is a federation of sovereign states. Some states such as Hawai’i, Minnesota and Massachusetts are centre-left and have stronger social states. Others, such as Texas, Utah and Idaho are decidedly conservative with Spartan social states. Some states have the death penalty, some states have it in theory but not practice and others have abolished it entirely. Some states such as Minnesota are well-educated and affluent, others such as Louisiana and Mississippi are nearly part of the third world. Some states such as New Hampshire and Minnesota have clean governments, others such as Washington State, Alabama and Illinois have high levels of corruption. Some states such as Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa are extremely safe with hardly any crime. Some states such as Georgia, Illinois and Maryland are more dangerous than parts of Africa and Latin America. What is a problem in the US is its tendency to become radicalised.

    Life in Europe in general is far more civilised than life in the US. The quality of life in general is far higher than it is in the US. On paper people in the US have higher incomes, in reality the cost of living is astronomical in any place where life is remotely tolerable. Prices in the UK don’t shock me as they’re no worse than prices in California, Hawai’i or Minnesota. Europeans are generally easier to get on with than Americans, being more sensible on the whole than Americans. Of course there are exceptions and where as Americans have a tendency towards bombast and inflated senses of self-importance, Europeans can be insufferably arrogant and being utterly up themselves. However, when things spin out of control in Europe they can become very ghastly indeed. I personally have no desire to ever live in the US. I prefer Europe, warts and all.

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