The hedge


It’s a beech hedge, 70 yards long on our southern boundary. Can’t hold the electric trimmer at shoulder level for a couple of hours so it’s the shears! Do they make a battery job that doesn’t need recharging every half hour?

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

11 thoughts on “The hedge”

  1. You might look at the Stllh range. And don’t pick too large a model, 15 inch cut quite large enough.
    The answer is to buy more than one battery, quantity according to recharge time, so that you just keep going and change the battery intermittently.

    Short of that pay some other bugger to cut it or eradicate the hedge!
    One has to get pretty ruthless in one’s old age.
    I am SO GLAD to have moved from 5 acres to the pocket handkerchief!!

  2. Get creative with the shears. Couldn’t find a Janus Topiary figure, J-man but here’s your big pal (the other member of the 400 club).

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