Margot’s the name (Hollywood’s latest Flame)

Your friendly, neighbourhood contemporary culture editor is back again. (Stop groaning at the back)

The only show me the money to be made in Hollywood today is in Superhero flicks. The Days of Wine and Roses are gone replaced by spandex and CGI. Even a devoted Marvel Man like me is getting tired by the regurgitated clunkers that have been produced recently.

The latest shlocker is by our Distinguished Competition (That’s DC, folks!) and is called Suicide Squad. It has been hyped to the gunnels and expected to break all box office records. One thing going for it is it features an up and coming starlet from Australia named Margot Robbie. She’s currently at the cinema appearing as Jane in The Legend Of Tarzan. (Still think Maureen O’Sullivan is the ultimate Jane. That time she started the fire with a couple of twigs in Tarzan and his Mate. Yodel-Lodel-LEEEE)

Margot, naturally, cut her teeth in Neighbours. That soap opera has produced more studs and mares than the Darley Arabian. Here’s a wee photo of Margot as a super baddie.

11 thoughts on “Margot’s the name (Hollywood’s latest Flame)”

  1. Can’t say that movies do it for me any more I much prefer tv series where there is time to tell the story and develop the characters. Just finished watching ‘Bloodline’ on Netflix, great stuff.

  2. Hi Jazz, agree with you that some of the TV box sets are well made. It’s just that there’s that many of them you can only really watch a certain amount. A decent enough series at the moment is Ray Donovan (Sky Atlantic). Now in its 4th season, though, it is starting to get soap operay. There is only so much you can do with a character before you’re rehashing things. Which is why the best quit when the time is right. (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire etc.)

  3. Netflix is only £6 a month. You can watch it on your computer, tablet, smartphone or tv if it has the facility or you can get a set top box with streaming enabled. Or are you ‘out of range’ ?

  4. Hi again Jazz,

    There is a Netflix option on the “Players” and On Demand list. Trouble is I’ve got tons to watch on the hard drive and finding time for more “stuff” is difficult. Need to de-clutter some of the weaker Sky/terrestrial programmes from my viewing habits. But some habits are hard to break.
    For instance, I’m addicted to old episodes of The Streets of San Francisco (CBS Drama/Freeview). The plots are not too bad for its time but my real interest is in the guest stars. Some of them household names, others only in their own household.

  5. Basic Netflix was still £5.99 this morning although there are other slightly more expensive options. One advantage is that you don’t have stuff cluttering up the hard drive. There’s amazon and apple tv as well.

  6. Jazz. Yes! The Aussies crank out great stuff. Rake is masterful TV. Must see. Also, Cloudstreet (based on the novel). And if you missed it, from a few years back … SeaChange.

  7. Right on !!

    Boadicea and I were avid watchers of Sea Change, a great program that we tried hard to never miss (and recorded anyway just to be on the safe side). Even better if you’re fully conversant with Aussie culture so that you can catch the one-liners, and even more betterer (!) if you have been to the little town where it was shot! 🙂

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