Help me out here.

As far as I know, nobody has a good word for Tony Bliar – do they? Think British and foreign gubmints, the British Labour party, the unions, the ‘British establishment’, the Kremlin, the White House, etc. ad nauseam.

So why do the meeja continue to present his BS utterings as news? Who is pulling their strings?

To be clear: no, the UK does not wish too pay him megabucks to negotiate Brexit. No, we do not need him to explain how serious a matter it is.

And frankly, why does he still believe anybody wants to listen to him?

I blame the Vatican.

Author: janus

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9 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. Virtually all political careers end in failure. Like many former heads of government, Blair has not truly accepted that his time has come and gone. He is now no more relevant than any of us, he has no greater claim to authority than I. Yet, his years in power linger in his mind and he just can’t let go. The media, of course, want something to talk about so they talk about him.

  2. Blair’s claim to a place in the history books rests mainly on his winning three general elections in a row.


    (Extra marks awarded for mention of ‘spin-doctoring’, confrontation-avoiding via “triangulation” of tricky issues, resulting in his “Third Way” fudge , secretive and unaccountable sofa government, resulting in entirely unnecessary Iraq war, massaging of crude GDP stats via open door policy towards east European migrants etc, etc).

    In short, Blair was the worst fate to befall the UK since WW2, basically because he conned the country into thinking everything was under control, when in fact everything was being systematically trashed, Blair’s way of massaging his vanity and ego, banishing the ‘old order’ which he was too shallow to appreciate and understand.

  3. Aye weel, Janus.

    Before Chilcot hits the fan on Wednesday, I have to say that there is still just a tiny wee bit of me that attempts to cling on to the possibility that TB was acting out of principle and with inside knowledge when he pushed the start button on British participation in the Iraq war of 2003.

    I blush to remember arguing at the time that no Prime Minister of my country could ever possibly lie to us about anything as important and that he must have had solid intelligence which was leading him to take action in all our interests.

    There is, I suspect, an overwhelmingly near-certainty that I was slightly wrongish in that assertion.

    Whatever Chilcot actually says about him, may he rot in Hell for what I now believe to have been his serial betrayal of my country and its institutions in so many ways.

  4. Bliar’s New Labour, I recall, appealed to many business people. It had a pragmatic view of the economy, it seemed; and Bliar was a good protagonist: a thrusting young lawyer on a mission. Pity it was all smoke and cracked mirrors.

  5. JM – I think you will have that last little hope that Blair was principled well and truly snuffed out on Wednesday. You can take comfort in the fact that many others thought like you at the time. Alas! as we now know pollies lie for their own gain or ideology all the time.

    From what I can gather, the report is likely to be damning – some are already calling for him to be stripped of his honours and others are saying he should be prosecuted. If it is as damning as is reported, the least that should happen is for him to be stripped of his honours – and his bodyguard funded by UK tax-payers.

    Janus – I can’t imagine that anyone would let him near the negotiating table. And, like you, I wish he’d shut up spouting that the Government is not bound by the referendum. It clearly shows how much he cares about democracy.

  6. If Tony Blair has any principles they belong to someone else……To paraphrase a line from the movie Paper Moon.

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