Where’s Ron’s mate Phil Slocombe when you need him?

You Huns! Accepting defeat with grace ain’t your bag, eh?

Lewis caught up with Nico and passed him on the final circuit but Nico didn’t like it, caused a little prang and kept on driving with a damaged car. The stewards penalised him, not Lewis.

German fans then booed Lewis on the podium.

And today it will be the yellow-clad Aussies’ turn to show decorum on Centre Court when their potty-mouthed hero meets Andy. Will Nick manage it? Cliff-hanging stuff.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

4 thoughts on “Where’s Ron’s mate Phil Slocombe when you need him?”

  1. J, maybe you missed it because the disclaimer, as usual, was at the bottom of the page in small print. I am referring to your last sentence. Nobody will be hanging Cliff. Harry Webb OBE is innocent.

  2. Tehehe! At least the covered court precludes him from singing in the rain.

    Turned out Kyrgios was no mouth or trousers so Andy marches on.

    Kyrgioser and kyrgioser, said Alice.

  3. Kyrgios does need help, but he has first of all to accept that he needs it. He won’t be disgracing Australia in the Olympics. He has withdrawn, because the Australian tennis people don’t respect him. Surprise, surprise!

  4. Sheona, I had the impression that he lacked bottle! Andy’s body language said ‘Come on, punk, show me what you’ve got!’ Answer: sorry, boss.

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