Gone. Gutted. Grrr.

The day the music died. Again.

The decision by HBO to cancel the second season of Vinyl is the most monumental piece of news this week. Vinyl being cancelled is ironic as sales of vinyl records are on the rise. Set in the 70s Vinyl portrayed the music industry and its stars, has-beens, wannabees, hanger-on-ers and Jack Palancers. Ratings weren’t great but it did have a loyal following that enjoyed the episodic nature of the show. There was never a dull  moment.

Vinyl makes it a hat-trick of box set shows that I watched that were one-hit wonders. The other two were those perennial bedfellows Luck and Vegas. They dealt with horse racing and casinos. No wonder I don’t gamble as my Midas Touch turns the world to ashes.

15 thoughts on “Gone. Gutted. Grrr.”

  1. Just heard some great fan humour though:
    Welsh fans: you’ve only got one song!
    NI fans: you’ve only got one player! 😃

  2. And there I was, having tuned out on Thursday (successfully) thinking I could tune back in to noise-free Brit small talk on Friday. Can someone PLEASE explain to me what this posting is all about? Please unglaze this admittedly seen-better-days pair of eyes…

  3. Colin, let me help out. As a man of science you like objective precision; TR/JW is a man of the arts, so your question is out of order. See this post as a picture in a gallery. It is arresting, challenging, arousing feelings of nostalgia and confusion.

    OK? 😎

  4. As a one-time occasional stand-in rhythm guitar with Cuttin’ Loose, the only logical comment must be “Bye-bye Miss American pie . . .” 🙂

  5. OK, that’s me neatly pigeon-holed, Janus. I shall steer clear of the arty-farty section of this site in future. But I would like to make a charitable appeal here before doing so. I had to Google to find who “HBO” is, and find it’s a US-based cable and satellite TV program(me) provider that I’d never heard of before.

    But see what wiki says about HBO:

    “Because of the cost of HBO (which is the most expensive of the U.S. premium services, costing a monthly fee as of 2015 between $15 and $20 depending on the provider), many Americans only view HBO programs through DVDs or in basic cable or broadcast syndication – months or even years after these programs have first aired on the network…

    I find it truly heart-rending, don’t you, that there are deprived folk in the USA who are suffering cultural deprivation as a result of their reduced financial circumstances, these neglected pockets of poverty in a sea of plenty. If Oxfam can bring clean water to the Namibian desert, can’t it send trench-diggers and yards of subsidized TV optic-fiber/fibre cable to the wilds of Missouri and Nebraska? Something must be done…

  6. Now don’t take on so, Colin. We arty-farty types understand your disaffection. if you change your mind, we are here for you. 😉

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