Juncker’s sour grapes


The former PM of a tiny country the size of Iceland is the head of the European behemoth, whose monstrous stumbling around the social, political and financial worlds has razed the continent’s landscapes and lined the pockets of thousands of petty bureauprats.

Now the UK has dared to advise him where to plant his sceptre. His response? ‘We didn’t like you anyway, it won’t be a friendly break-up, so get on with it right away.’

That, cherished colleagues, is a world-leader speaking! Can he even imagine that most of his member states would prefer an amicable transition, to protect their mutual interests? No, he has never lived and worked in that world. So good luck to him and them.


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11 thoughts on “Juncker’s sour grapes”

  1. I think there is a group of EU whatevers trying to see if they can trigger clause 50 immediately. Mind you, I don’t think the British Public will be too happy if the Government doesn’t trigger it before October.

    From the little I’ve read, Merkel has been fairly gracious – perhaps Germany’s car-manufacturers have had a quiet word in her ear. Hollande has been his usual blustering self – but as for this one. I think his outbursts just before the referendum sealed Remains fate.

    It amazes me that the European countries seem to know so little about the British. We have, after all been neighbours, for some time. We’ve fought with and against them, we’ve had treaties with them and torn the same treaties up. But, they never seem to have understood, that despite appearing to be rather laid-back – you just don’t try to bully us.

    Ah well it will all turn out right in the end.

  2. Boadicea: technically speaking they have a point. After an “out” vote is returned a national parliament is supposed to pass an act triggering Article 50. Cameron’s decision to delay it for a few months, at least until a new PM is selected, is seen as an unacceptable delaying trick and a waste of time.

    Germany’s industry heads have been quietly arguing against retaliation. There are too many jobs on the line in Germany and German manufacturers source many parts from the United Kingdom. China has also had its tuppence worth. They will not stand for shrill nastiness or vindictive retaliation. They want to see a favourable, amicable solution agreed upon quickly. China has more influence than the vindictive lunacy of petty continental functionaries — and for good reason!

  3. Christopher, alles ist nicht in Ordnung! The UK has decided sucks to Brussels. Don’t tell me the Europrats aren’t going on holiday for the next 2 months. There is no timescale for delivering the decision. It will be when Westminster is good and ready.

  4. The broadcast media in the UK, still adhering to ‘Project Fear’, have been gleefully reporting the fall in the stock markets and Sterling in lurid detail, interviewing apparently entitled yoofs in Hackney and not-too-bright British exiles on the Spanish Costas and giving much airtime to that shouty little tartan harridan who’s gobbing off again about a second independence referendum.

    But for you, Herr Junker, the war is over. The mess Webley is in the drawer in the anteroom.


  5. Ah, but Janus, they want that act of parliament to collect dust on their desks for two months. Before they move on it there must be at least 1/4th inch of dust to brush off!

  6. Not as god as “Up yours, Delors!” but I can see the next Sun headline as “Oompah,Oompah, stick it up your Junker!”.

  7. Well technically, Christopher, it may be what is expected. But it seems that these people still have not learnt not to try to bully Britain.

    FEEG – love the comment!

  8. Boadicea: Most of Europe is, in reality, dominated by liberal authoritarianism. France is only as volatile as it is because the threat of revolution is the only thing keeping the slugs from acting like the days of Louis XIV are here again.

  9. It’s official: the EU has to wait for us to secede. And the real boss, Angela, says that’s fine too. So there. 😷

  10. It’s also official that the EU has told Tricky Nicky that her demands for ‘immediate discussions’ with the EU are a waste of time – Scotland cannot be admitted into the EU without the proper procedures. I’ve no doubt that she will push for another referendum – but I think both the rest of the UK and those who don’t want independence should tell her firmly to take what it costs out of her piggy bank.

    As for the petition that London should declare independence – words fail me. Bring back the Old London Bridge – there was a place at the top for the tops of people like that!

  11. Boadicea, what a great idea. Good old English tradition with the occasional Scottish head too.

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