Tonite, folks, it’s the Viking festival of Midsummer (yes, a bit late but blame the Christian hijackers). But the Sun god is out of sorts, it seems – widespread thunderstorms are expected to disrupt the planned bonfires and booze-ups and continue into the weekend. So the Sun will bounce across the northern horizon unseen by human eye.

And what else do the gods have in store? Spooky.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

8 thoughts on “Ominous?”

  1. Weird weather here too. A wonderful hot and dry May and then a pretty ghastly June, lots of rain and quite cold at night. I notice a lot of rot and mange coming on the courgettes and outside pickling cucumbers. Rust too on garlic of all things! Most strange. Everything in the polytunnel and greenhouse going great guns out of the rain. Already picking tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants! Must post some pics to bore you all to death.
    I have very bad vibes on this Brexit thing, can’t see it happening now. If ever there was a repent at leisure this is going to be it. Strictly selling the national soul for a mess of potage that will choke us all too soon. I suspect it will cause national discord for years in the UK.
    I rather think that blaming the Gods for our own timidity will put us firmly into WWIII, the whole of Europe doesn’t appear to know which way is up! As usual, throughout history, it will end up with blood in the streets when the whole thing could have been avoided by grasping the nettle.

    My apologies for using quite so many aphorisms, but the enduring repetition of history has created those aphorisms in the first place. Now there’s spooky!

    I always did prefer dogs to humans, more intelligent on the whole, but after this disaster I think I rank mange ridden pickling cucumbers above the mentality of the UK. The whole bloody lot need to go on the compost heap!

  2. PS Bears out my long held view that universal adult suffrage is a VERY BAD IDEA. Should be an IQ qualifier test..

  3. I certainly prefer animals to people. When flying I used to look down on infrastructure from a great height and it represented nothing so much as some kind of infestation.

  4. But pls post pics of your crops. It’s been so dry here we’ve been watering regularly – unheard of in June. And the grass is brown – like the Med in August.

  5. The weather here has been positively ghastly. It broke 100 in central Madrid several times this week and the suburbs aren’t much better. I largely lock myself into a dark room and cover my face with a cold, moist towel.

  6. I suppose we are very lucky here, no beastly jungle heat! Thank your stars you aren’t in Arizona, above 120!!!!!

  7. CO: There are parts of Spain that can — and do — get that hot, mostly in Extremadura which is essentially a desert. I refuse to go there at this time! You might be interested, by the way, in hearing that three people were decapitated a few blocks from my flat.

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